How to Keep Your Data Safe in Shared Offices

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs use shared offices for their business operations. The main reason these shared spaces are so popular is that they provide suitable work conditions and work environment for various people. Not only that, but they’re also a more affordable option than renting out an office space for your business or purchasing a property for that matter. However, with all the benefits that shared offices can bring, also come

How Do VPNs Work?

We talk about VPNs (virtual private networks) a lot and how important they are to information security. But we rarely discuss how they work or what they’re doing. So today, we’re going to dive in a little deeper and attempt to visualize the process to get a better understanding of why we all should use VPNs, especially on public networks. VPNs For Beginners VPNs are subscription-based services that encrypt your

Great Big List of Cybersecurity Resources

Beef up your cybersecurity knowledge with this list of cybersecurity resources, including data threats, data breaches, books, jobs, companies and VC funding Here’s an excuse for IT workers to take some extra time off and head to the beach. Bring a smartphone or tablet, and check out these cybersecurity lists. They’re an easy read—chock-full of insightful cybersecurity facts, figures, statistics and more. Cybersecurity list of links: List of data threats for IT

Internet Users Net at 90m in April- NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) said internet users in the Nigeria stood at 90 million in April. The telecommunications industry regulator made the disclosure in its Monthly Internet Subscribers Data made available in its website on Thursday in Lagos. The data indicated that internet users on both Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) networks increased from 90,003,101 in March to 90,154,737 in April. NCC

How To Secure Your Wifi Router

How to Secure Your Wifi Router- #CyberWednesday Hello, friends! Greetings for the day. As we have been talking about pushing up digital security in our previous articles, today we will be continuing the genre by taking up ‘Steps to Secure Your Wifi Router‘ or ‘Securing Your home/office Wireless Network ‘ for today’s topic. We are currently living in an era where WiFi networks are being used extensively to connect to the