How to Check Your Home Router is Vulnerable or Not

In a world where security threats are populating day by day, it becomes necessary to have a check on every minute technology framework you access in your house. Since using up to date, technology will make your experience better and protect your device from various threats. Cybersecurity nowadays is boosting up due to several problematic incidents that took place in the past. Several measures are required to protect digital data

Let's Talk About Your Passwords

For years, security experts have recommended complexity as a measure of strength. Your password should contain double-digit characters. Your password should contain symbols, numbers, and letters. Your password should utilize upper and lowercase letters. Shuffle in some randomness, change them periodically and finally, your password passes the minimal requirements of what is considered “secure.” But now your password is difficult to type and even harder to remember. Which would be

Social Media How-To: Stay Secure on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses and individuals. The professional social networking site helps connect companies with employees, businesses with other businesses, coworkers and networkers; there are many ways to use LinkedIn to your advantage. Needless to say, it’s nearly essential to set up an account to be successful in today’s business world. But, like every site that asks for your PII, it’s also essential to stay safe while