Identity Theft

How to stop your ISP from spying on you

Privacy, one the fundamental right a citizen has in a democratic state like India. But, the rising number of frauds happening online is telling overall a different story. Privacy in today’s time has become an issue and is breached very often, which means we are being watched almost all the time we spend online. The Problem of Privacy The cause of the problem is the concept that information can use

The Curious Case of Using Airdrop as a Tinder Alternative

Back in 2011, Apple engineers masterminded an awesome feature called AirDrop. It’s intended to facilitate file transfers among supported devices. The process is amazingly simple and doesn’t require device pairing at all – it works out of the box and only takes a few clicks or taps to complete a file exchange. Since AirDrop uses a combo of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols, the data transfer speeds are huge. Interestingly, some

Top 5 eCommerce Security Threats in 2020

With hackers’ techniques becoming more complicated, their methods more advanced, and cybercrime growing at an exponential rate, one thing remains the same: e-commerce businesses are the main targets for cyber attacks. The retail industry is now experiencing more breaches than any other industry as intruders deploy advanced and more destructive hacking methods to target the vast assets. From financial fraud and compromised customer data to huge reputational losses and leaked

What Features to Look for in a PDF Security Product

A PDF security product is critical for any business that uses PDFs every day. Without it, your confidential PDF documents may fall into the wrong hands which could jeopardize your business. However, there are plenty of PDF security products available. So, how can you identify the right one for you? Well, you have to consider a few things when deciding on a PDF security product: ● Is it simple to

Best Business VPN Solutions 2020

The simple way of adding an extra layer of security to your small or medium-sized business is by investing in a Virtual private network. This simple step will make you protect your data faster and in an affordable way. For any business, sensitive information and data are bound to reach online than ever before. Therefore, now is the right time for protecting your data using a business VPN solution. A