Business Intelligence

Analytics Roles Vs. Business Intelligence Roles

There seem to be endless articles prescribing the reasons the top goal has failed over the years.  The technology is ahead of the business.  The business didn’t know what questions to ask.  The service provided was seen as being technical in nature.  The list of hackneyed one liners goes on. The answer is simply the fact that it’s the CIO’s priority, probably mandated to him/her by one of the other

What is Business Intelligence? What is its Importance?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a carefully driven perfect mixture of analytics, data mining, data tools, data infrastructure, and data visualization. It helps in developing the best practices that help organizations to make data-driven decisions. When you see something in practice where you have a comprehensive view of the data, then you know that BI is involved in the presentation. The usage of BI in data is to eliminate the unnecessary