Artificial Intelligence

Worst Pitfalls Threatening Your Cybersecurity

If you are reading this, you have a computer and an internet connection, and you surely do much more over the internet than only read articles to stay informed. An average internet user will spend at least 50% of their day browsing through various websites, working or studying from home, using social media, shopping, and whatnot. The more time you spend online, the more at risk you are. The first

Analytics Roles Vs. Business Intelligence Roles

There seem to be endless articles prescribing the reasons the top goal has failed over the years.  The technology is ahead of the business.  The business didn’t know what questions to ask.  The service provided was seen as being technical in nature.  The list of hackneyed one liners goes on. The answer is simply the fact that it’s the CIO’s priority, probably mandated to him/her by one of the other

Social Media As A Vital Aspect of Marketing

Social media has grown more powerful over the years and predicting its future has always been fun. With all the emerging platforms, unexplored technologies and tactics, demographics shifts, and other impactful factors, all these require close follow-up, and predicting the upcoming can be quite a challenge. Still, the buzz is all around and as we peak into 2020, there are indeed forecasts from industry professionals so let’s have a look.

The Features Of An Impeccable Cloud Hosting Provider

If you really want to get expected results from your efforts as a business owner then you will have to take things in your control and make informative decisions instead of shooting in the dark. You must have seen an influx of informed decisions and predictions among business owners and you are seeing this proliferation only because in the modern era, there is no room for error. Every industry and