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The Steps to Data Protection and GDPR Explained

The General Data Protection Regulation sets guidelines that protect the privacy and personal data of European Union residents. It affects any business that provides products or services to EU citizens, regardless of its location.  Non-compliance could result in hefty fines and damage to the company’s reputation.   For this reason, every company that does transactions with the EU should stay compliant with the law.  Here are fundamental data protection steps every

Secure your Business Communication with These Privacy Apps

Today’s business dynamics require entrepreneurs to take cybersecurity, privacy, and confidentiality very seriously. Remote contracts are the new normal and as the global crisis continues, there is a higher need for the device and network-level security so that sensitive client data remains accessible and confidential at the same time. Here are 4 privacy apps that will not only secure your business communication on all major platforms but also catalyze your

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation - Maximize Business Cycle Process Efficiency

What is SAP BPC? SAP BPC Business Planning & Consolidation ( SAP BPC) is a web-based application that brings together financial management, planning, and budgeting into one comprehensive package. This is ideal for organizations that cannot handle all aspects of their business internally or are limited by resource and staff. By using a web-based application, the entire enterprise can access important information at anytime and on multiple devices. Businesses no

Engaging Remote Workforce Through the SAP Success Factors

Some of the most critical businesses around the world are great because of their employees. Employees play a vital role in any business’s growth, so it is essential to give employee engagement the top priority in any business environment to thrive. These days with the onset of the Covid-19 connecting with your employees has become more critical than before. The work from home culture has just started, and retain the employees and

9 Powerful Real-World Applications of Augmented Reality (AR) Today

AR, or Augmented reality, which is also famous by the name of mixed reality, or computer-intervened (mediated) reality, is a quick-developing technology that brings together the real world and VR or virtual reality. In Augmented Reality, an intuitive, real-world environment is shrouded with or supplemented by data (computer-generated) and virtual elements influencing tactile admission/intake in real-time. From intuitive and vivid climate forecasts to assist the fighter planes’ pilots in discovering their