Hacked Sites Suffer Long Term Search Ranking Penalties

During our research into what the WordPress community knows about hacked websites, we discovered that there is very little data available on the subject. We decided to conduct a survey, inviting a portion of our community to participate. We received responses from 1,605 people who reported having a website they manage hacked in the last year. We learned a lot. Thank you to everyone who participated! In a related effort, we also

Top 3 Challenges in Adopting Cloud ERP Solutions

The Enterprise Resource Planning system and its similar IT packages have been utilized by various types of businesses – in all sizes and types – for a number of years now. Even small to medium businesses (SMBs) have integrated this system at least once. But even if it has become a widespread system and the norm for most companies as of date, implementing it, especially for the first time, can

Cyber Codes: How it Works

Cyber Codes: How it Works When was the last time you sent a coded message? Well, probably within the last hour, if you’ve sent an email or logged onto a website. We use codes all the time because we communicate our private messages in public. Without codes, sending information online over unsecured networks or networks with security holes would be like standing in Times Square and shouting your innermost secrets

New Malicious Apps Detected on Google Play

New Malicious Apps Detected on Google Play Three malicious applications have been detected on Google Play collecting revenue on ads by bringing together three separate techniques. The three apps on Google Play are said to use delayed attacks, self-naming tricks, and an attack list dictated by a command and control server to click on ads in the background without the user’s knowledge, according to Symantec, an internet security company in

Concerns Over FG’s "Eavesdropping" Satellites

The federal government has said that it will go ahead to build and launch two new satellites, despite an alleged loss of about $10 billion to foreign geospatial information sourcing firms due to what insiders term as lack of awareness on the space potential of Nigeria. Nigeria, it would be recalled, already has two satellites in the orbit, Nigeria Sat 1 and Nigeria Sat X, the second built exclusively by