HEIST: Private Website Data Security

Two Security researchers Mathy Vanhoef and Tom Van Goethem explained their finding in Black Hat Conference this week. HEIST is defined as (HTTP Encrypted Information can be Stolen Through TCP-Windows) Compression-based attacks such as CRIME and BREACH can now be performed purely in the browser, by any malicious website or script, without requiring network access,” the researchers said in the paper. “If we know that HTTP/2 is used, we can let

Does HTTPS Make Your Website More Secure?

Back in 2014 when Google announced that HTTPS would become a ranking signal, many website and web application owners made the jump from HTTP to HTTPS in search of a small rankings edge. Along with a push to have more sites implement HTTPS came an increase in the use of language related to web application security. Many people began to incorrectly associate HTTPS with a website or web application that was more secure. In this

Cyber Security: How To Secure Your Data And Why It’s So Important?

What is data? The whole world keeps talking about data and its security. You might have already heard a lot about cyber security/data security and nowadays you might also be hearing a lot about websites of companies getting hacked and their data getting leaked, causing a huge loss to them. So data is basically everything that you save on your digital devices or external storage devices or in online storage

How To Recover Your Deleted Data!

Hey guys, welcome to our another tutorial for recovering data which is lost or deleted from your pen drive. We often come across this problem when we have lost a very important data due to a virus or deleted some files accidentally.let’s see how to recover that data like a professional. There are various tools to recover lost data. but I find photorec very useful for recovering most of the data.

How To Know If Someone Inserted a USB Device Into Your Computer!

Did you know that you can use Windows Registry Editor to check if a USB device was connected or not to your computer! by ‘USB Device’ i mean any device that can be connected via USB port of your computer.In some cases it can be a very serious matter.for example your friend’s external hard drive is caught by the police and it contained child pornography.it is very crucial to prove that