10 Ways to Keep Your PC Secure

The internet has become part and parcel of our daily lives. Today more than ever, we store most of our personal information in computers, making us targets for malicious players. If you don’t take the necessary steps to protect your computer system and data, you’ll be opening doors for hackers and malware attacks. Malware may come in several forms, and you need to make use of every tool built into

How Blockchain Will Transform Healthcare

“Blockchain has many applications in healthcare, and can improve mobile health applications, monitoring devices, sharing and storing of electronic medical records, clinical trial data, and insurance information storage.” – Blockchain in Healthcare: A Patient-Centred Model What are blockchains? A big conversation in healthcare is how blockchain technology can be used to securely manage data across massive regions and diverse organizations from medical practices to entire hospitals. But what exactly are

How to stop your ISP from spying on you

Privacy, one the fundamental right a citizen has in a democratic state like India. But, the rising number of frauds happening online is telling overall a different story. Privacy in today’s time has become an issue and is breached very often, which means we are being watched almost all the time we spend online. The Problem of Privacy The cause of the problem is the concept that information can use

Benefits of using S/4HANA with SAP Analytics Cloud

The Cloud for SAP Analytics is a perfect and viable answer for a few firms that utilize S/4HANA to deal with a few business areas like finance, HR, sales, promoting, manufacturing, etc. S/4HANA comprises pre-embedded analytic features like the standard highlights. However, the Cloud in SAP Analytics operates as a specific analytics device.  So, how does the Cloud for SAP Analytics work as a replacement for S/4HANA’s pre-embedded analytics in

Everything You Need To Know About Agile Methodology

Managing successful IT projects with Agile. While the application of project management is not new, the advent of project management ‘approaches’ or philosophies has led to significant improvements in the quality of projects delivered and the overall project management process itself. Gone are the days where an excel spreadsheet, work in progress (WIP) meetings and reliance on Microsoft Office programs were sufficient IT project management tools. Now we are spoilt