Cyber Security

How To Recover Your Deleted Data!

Hey guys, welcome to our another tutorial for recovering data which is lost or deleted from your pen drive. We often come across this problem when we have lost a very important data due to a virus or deleted some files accidentally.let’s see how to recover that data like a professional. There are various tools to recover lost data. but I find photorec very useful for recovering most of the data.

How To Know If Someone Inserted a USB Device Into Your Computer!

Did you know that you can use Windows Registry Editor to check if a USB device was connected or not to your computer! by ‘USB Device’ i mean any device that can be connected via USB port of your computer.In some cases it can be a very serious matter.for example your friend’s external hard drive is caught by the police and it contained child is very crucial to prove that

Russia and China vow not to HACK each other!

Another chapter in Russia and China friendship with a cyber security pact.A 12 page agreement written in Russian and  as reported in ‘the wall street journal’. The two countries mutually promised to interchange information between law enforcement agencies, exchange technologies to ensure security of information infrastructure, the document says.   Recently china accepted that it does have a cyber army.and not that cyber army will not be used against Russia.According to the deal,both

10 Things to Do After You’ve Been Hacked

In our recent article, we talked about how to secure your data and why it’s important. Anyway, there are chances that you may not always be lucky and someday some account of yours gets hacked. So today we will talk about what to do after you have been hacked. This article will serve as a first aid for you in such case.   YOU HAVE BEEN HACKED!!! What if, one

Cyber Security: 15 Simple Steps To Protect Your Self Against Cyber Attacks

We live in an era, where cyber security is a momentous issue.Cyber crimes are becoming the new normal what makes you think that you will be spared by cyber criminals? we have suggested some steps to remember for the rest of your life to safe guard your self from very common cyber attacks. so, let’s get back to the original question! how to protect your self from cyber attacks?