10 Things to Do After You’ve Been Hacked

In our recent article, we talked about how to secure your data and why it’s important. Anyway, there are chances that you may not always be lucky and someday some account of yours gets hacked. So today we will talk about what to do after you have been hacked. This article will serve as a first aid for you in such case.   YOU HAVE BEEN HACKED!!! What if, one

Cyber Security: 15 Simple Steps To Protect Your Self Against Cyber Attacks

We live in an era, where cyber security is a momentous issue.Cyber crimes are becoming the new normal what makes you think that you will be spared by cyber criminals? we have suggested some steps to remember for the rest of your life to safe guard your self from very common cyber attacks. so, let’s get back to the original question! how to protect your self from cyber attacks?