Secure your Business Communication with These Privacy Apps

Secure your Business Communication with These Privacy Apps

Today’s business dynamics require entrepreneurs to take cybersecurity, privacy, and confidentiality very seriously. Remote contracts are the new normal and as the global crisis continues, there is a higher need for the device and network-level security so that sensitive client data remains accessible and confidential at the same time. Here are 4 privacy apps that will not only secure your business communication on all major platforms but also catalyze your business activities to improve employee efficiency and privacy.

  1. Tutanota – the Most Secure Email Provider

Emails are the cornerstone of business communication; they contain sensitive information like pricing, overheads, operational costs, customer data, delivery addresses, vendor details, etc. Tutanota is a leading, secure email service provider offering end-to-end encrypted emails. It follows the highest standards of privacy and security and even protects the subject lines from getting sniffed while an email is at or rest or in transit. This means that except you and your recipient, nobody including the staff members at Tutanota can’t decode the subject lines, read the emails or access the content in attachments. This email provider encourages users to enable 2 Factor Authentication.

In-house developers at Tutanota are currently working on adding more usability features, plus they are aligning their plans to introduce Post Quantum Secure Encryption. While the individual accounts are free, it is highly advisable you get the business accounts that are worth the price the company is charging for private emails, secure communication, custom domains, and high storage space.

  1. IProVPN – Best High-Speed VPN

Virtual Private Networks are important because they allow easy access to a company’s data library. Using iProVPN will efficiently secure business communication especially if your teams are working remotely. It helps employees and customers to access the company’s website, portals, and other forums from distinct regions even if that particular platform is geo-restricted. And while a VPN allows remote access, it also controls and prevents unauthorized access so that no outsider, intruder, hacker, data miner, or even business rival can decode sensitive business information. iProVPN masks IP addresses, provides unlimited bandwidth and hides online activities. It helps managers and administrators control the flow of information. Most importantly, iProVPN has a zero-logs policy, which means it does not store the data of employees. It also lets users access open Wi-Fi hotspots securely and anonymously safeguarding them from any vulnerabilities that might be present on the public Wi-Fi.

Users can also choose to configure iProVPN on their routers which would enable them to create firewalls and exchange all communication and online traffic privately. iProVPN comes with a free trial, plus it has monthly and yearly subscriptions. Users can choose to pay using their cards or Paypal. With all the privacy, security, extensions, access to global content and all these features with 256-bit AES encryption, this best, high-speed VPN service is a godsend in the times when the world is adjusting to working remotely.

  1. Authy Twilio 2 Factor Authentication

2Factor Authentication is one of the most modern security standards employed by numerous reputable platforms including Paypal, Gmail and Facebook. If your employees are communicating through Zoom, Skype or Google Meet, you should encourage them to install and enable Twilio 2Factor Authentication because even complex passwords don’t guarantee 100% security. Authy offers synchronization on multiple devices and provides an additional layer of protection over social media accounts and payment gateways. Employees can choose to enable fingerprint passwords, face recognition and One Time Passwords. This way, no bounty hunter on vulnerable networks would be able to access the communication accounts and so no attacker will receive any unauthorized access. The app has a free version and 24*7  live support option in case users need technical assistance with the app.

  1. Dashlane – An Efficient Password Manager

Dashlane is a password manager app that creates complex random passwords, saves them and auto-fills as per the directives of the user. Dashlane developers claim to provide a seamless internet experience to users while auto-filling credit card number and other payment details as and when required. Dashlane also has a 2Factor Authentication feature and it notifies the users in case of potential data breaches beforehand. The app has a set of security protocols: it does not collect, log, process or sell users’ sensitive data to third parties. You can secure your business communication while using a VPN and Dashlane together: the combination will prevent the internet service provider from sniffing data packets, your employees’ online traffic will be encrypted and so even the attackers will fail at stealing the sensitive data. The app has a free 30 days trial and a free plan which is a basic account with limited privacy and security features. There are two more plans, family and business, that allow unlimited passwords, offer synchronization on unlimited devices and monitor dark web activities associated with the connected devices.

The Bottomline

Creating a secure communication structure can be challenging, but so is the need for these digital times. No intruders shall be able to penetrate the network and sniff data packets if these security apps are active. With these 4 apps in your business suite, you can rest assured that whatever information you and your employees exchange online is not only secure but private and 100% encrypted.

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