9 Powerful Real-World Applications of Augmented Reality (AR) Today

9 Powerful Real-World Applications of Augmented Reality (AR) Today

AR, or Augmented reality, which is also famous by the name of mixed reality, or computer-intervened (mediated) reality, is a quick-developing technology that brings together the real world and VR or virtual reality. In Augmented Reality, an intuitive, real-world environment is shrouded with or supplemented by data (computer-generated) and virtual elements influencing tactile admission/intake in real-time.

From intuitive and vivid climate forecasts to assist the fighter planes’ pilots in discovering their targets in the daytime or dark, AR has substantiated itself as strong support for industry and the overall population in general.

Top Applications of Augmented Reality (AR) Technology

AR technology consolidates information created digitally with the physical world data. The client can see existing conditions supplemented by imaginations (computer-generated). One of AR’s significant advantages is the availability of smartphones, and it’s effectively discovering applications in ordinary day-to-day existence. The developing number of mobile devices, their broadening usefulness, and the increasing speed of the Internet advance AR’s expansion.

You may feel that the pertinent use of augmented reality is for the future; you are WRONG! The following are the cases where AR is utilized today in the real world. One such case is definitely the SAP Analytics cloud.

Maintenance of Cars

Most people face car problems for which they need to incur hefty expenses for getting those fixed. Imagine a scenario where you could fix some of those issues yourself. An augmented reality 3D-tracking application was recently demoed by Inglobe Innovations, enabling car owners to comprehend the real issue with their vehicle and do the maintenance job accordingly.


You might have noticed a change that has happened in American football for the last twenty years or thereabouts. There have been the lines (computer-generated) that mark a down on the field. We can also see AR in cricket, trackballs, etc. when these balls are thrown.

GPS Tracking

Nearly everybody has utilized some type of GPS tracking system somewhere down the line. It has some disadvantages, such as you need to look at a screen or turn as per the directions directed to you without looking at the road while traveling or walking. Mishor 3D is presently engaged in finding a navigation solution to take care of these issues.


With the Ikea Place application, you can check a room and keep Ikea furniture in a digital space. Using the Dulux Visualizer, you can virtually evaluate paint shades for your room. A virtual measuring tape is offered by Lowe, known as “Measured by Lowe’s.” What’s more, the Imagined/Envisioned application by The Mine allows placing furniture and adornments in an area already scanned.


In the clinical and healthcare sector, AR can assist specialists with planning surgery, show data about specific treatments in real-time, and visualize and explain conditions for assisting medical students.


At the Institute of Technology in Tokyo, The Spoon and Tamago team are engaged in building an AR framework incorporated into ovens that simulate association with food and cooking it.


Bentley Systems is creating devices that permit laborers of construction to see virtual plans over the real building site with definite directions. They are also developing a heads-up show so that excavation teams are aware of the pipelines underground before they start burrowing.


The military created the main utilitarian Augmented Reality frameworks in the U.S., and AR is as yet significant for militaries over the globe today. The heads-up show that is usually utilized for military pilots gives crucial data, for example, height and velocity, without drawing attention from flying the plane. The display (head-mounted) that is utilized by infantrymen helps in following foes.


The utilization of virtual reality or VR headsets is very usual today in gaming. It gives clients a feeling of getting immersed that conventional screens don’t give. The initial commercially accessible AR encounters were for games. Those games that utilize augmented reality like Pokemon Go permits players to encounter virtual parts of ongoing interaction in real-world situations.


Indeed, even now, the utilization of augmented reality, in real-life, is various. Almost certainly, as the technology gets less expensive to create, we’ll witness more to be in fields, for example, retail, education, and traveling, and those days are not far off.


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