8 Best AI-Based Tools for You UI/UX Team to Improve their Productivity

8 Best AI-Based Tools for You UI/UX Team to Improve their Productivity

There is no denying that artificial intelligence is making many groundbreaking changes in nearly every industry, and the field of web design and development is no exception. Artificial intelligence allows designers and developers to create multiple variants faster, offer a personalized and humanized experience and create a data-driven design. AI can help web design agencies, marketing firms and other businesses to analyze a large amount of data and suggest important design adjustments.

No matter if you are creating a website, web application or a mobile app, this amazing technology can help your UI/UX design team to create multiple prototype versions and conduct A/B tests to come up with a flawless product. From product localization to creating interesting graphics, designers and developers are responsible for doing a lot of important tasks. Many businesses are using augmented reality tools to help their Ui/UX team to perform their design and development task more efficiently.

Whether you are working on a web design project or a mobile app development project, there are a number of AI-powered tools that can help you make your digital product successful.

Let’s check out some AI-based tools that are playing a significant role in the field of design and front-end development.

  1.       Khroma

Khroma is an AI-based color tool that can help your design team to use colors wisely. With the help of this amazing tool, you can choose the right color pattern that best fits your design project. This tool can provide limitless color options and provide a color scheme that you will like for your project. Khroma allows you to filter the generator by tint, value, color, rgb values and hex. The tool creates a great color combination that can be viewed as gradient, typography, palette and custom images. Your web design agency should give this color combination generator a try for your next design project.

  1.       Fronty

If you are looking for a tool that converts images to HTML CSS code, then you should try Fronty. It is an AI-powered tool that makes it easier for designers to convert PNG and JPG files into HTML CSS. Fronty is a great tool for small businesses, entrepreneurs and enterprises with limited budgets. With the help of Fronty, you can create landing pages faster, all you need is to upload your design. An online UI editor also makes it easier for beginners to modify the content and make important design changes on the website.

  1.       Remove.bg

If you don’t have any technical skills to remove image background, don’t worry, Remove.bg is here to solve your problem. It is an Ai-based tool that can help you remove background automatically without any hassle. With the powerful AI technology, you can limit the effort you invest in editing and come up with high-quality images for your design projects.  It can easily be integrated with famous ecommerce sites, and design programs to increase digital efficiency. Remove.bg can help you create memorable AR/VR experiences, generate image editing interfaces and makes it easier for your ecommerce design team to customize product images.

  1.       Uizard

If you have a brilliant design idea for your next digital product, then you should try AI-powered prototyping tool uizard to bring your design idea to life. Its drag and drop functionality allows you to create interactive prototypes for landing pages, website design, web applications and mobile apps. No matter you sketch your design ideas on a whiteboard, paper or in your favorite wireframing tool, uizard can transform your wireframes into ready to use prototypes.

  1.       VisualEyes

VisualEyes is an AI-based eye-tracking tool that can help designers and developers to improve their design by creating interactive and functional user interfaces. This tool will help you understand which part of your design works best and which part needs improvement. The Attention Map feature will highlight the areas that lack engagement. Its Areas of Interest (AOI) feature makes A/B testing easier while allowing you to choose the best template for your landing page design or mobile app. The clarity score gives you a clear idea about your design’s aesthetic appearance. Clarity Maps allows you to highlight which area of your design is overly cluttered and needs to be changed.

  1.       Sketch2Code

Sketch2Code is a great AI-powered tool that can transform your hand-drawn design sketches into HTML prototypes. Simply upload your design, and you are done with the coding. Its ultra-advanced custom vision technology can detect design patterns. The detected design elements are passed through the text recognition phase to extract handwritten content. The information of the detected objects is fed into an algorithm that creates a structure. By using all the important information, the tool can build HTML code for your design project. Sketch2Code is an amazing tool for UI/UX developers that can improve their manual code writing process by automatically performing this task.

  1.       Zecoda

Zecoda is an incredible tool that allows you to build your software, mobile apps, web apps or websites with no code. It is a text editor that can take notes, scribble ideas and plan your work efficiently. With Zecoda, you can connect to databases, integrate logic operations and build custom no-code apps, and web pages. So, the next time you are planning for creating a responsive landing page or an app, without writing code, try Zecoda.

  1.       Colormind

Colormind is an AI-powered color scheme generator that can help you learn color styles from images, movies and even contemporary art. Whether you are designing a landing page, mobile app, or an Instagram post, choosing the right colors for your design is a challenge. With the help of this AI-based color palette generator, you will find limitless color options for your design project.



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