The 5 Most Valuable IT Certifications to Help Advance Your Career

The 5 Most Valuable IT Certifications to Help Advance Your Career

Anyone who’s ever spent any time working in Information Technology (IT) understands the importance of upskilling and cross-skilling. By focusing on continuous learning and staying on top of best practices, IT professionals remain competitive in the rapidly evolving IT sector.

Through online IT certificate programs, professionals can keep up with new trends, boost their performance, and address existing knowledge gaps. IT professionals who pursue upskill certifications can continue to deliver business value, resulting in more significant career opportunities.

The value of online IT certifications

Supplementing accredited education with online IT certification training allows working IT professionals to enhance their skills and strengthen any weaknesses effectively. IT certifications are more than just padding for your resume.

They are confirmations of your expertise and knowledge.

In terms of standing out in today’s crowded IT market, certifications are a must-have, enabling IT professionals to establish their presence on the global stage. The more certifications a professional can obtain, the better that professional can negotiate their salary and other job perks. But with so many online IT certifications to choose from, which should you prioritize? Below, we list the top five highest-paying IT certifications to pursue today.

5 Online IT Certifications to Help You Get Ahead

With global IT spending projected to reach 4 trillion USD in 2021, there is no better time for IT workers to develop their skill sets further than now. Professionals who pursue continued education with the following IT certifications can expect to set themselves apart from competitors in the years to come.

1.     Google Certified Professional (GCP) Cloud Architect

Becoming Google Cloud-certified will enable an IT professional to develop a thorough understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud products and solutions. As cloud adoption becomes more mainstream, Google Cloud training helps individuals build effective cloud solutions that increase productivity, reduce time to troubleshoot, and scale up organizations. A Google Cloud-certified architect would be able to design, develop, plan, and manage cloud solution elements like infrastructure and architecture that further business objectives and address business needs.

2.     Certified Scrum Master

Obtaining an Agile Scrum Master Certification online will allow Agile practitioners to catalyze positive change within their organization. The Scrum Master will lead the implementation of Scrum principles across different Agile projects. Becoming a Certified Scrum Master will enable you to deploy lean-agile methods in your enterprise effectively. Not only will you provide accelerated delivery of IT products and services, but you’ll also be able to lead cross-functional teams effectively in short cycles, minimizing risk and reducing waste. Through the Agile Scrum Certification online course, you’ll understand core Scrum knowledge, engage with like-minded Agile practitioners, and expand your career opportunities in industries looking to adopt Agile principles.

3.     AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

If you already have the skillset to architect large-scale distributed systems and look to further your experience and expertise with AWS services, then the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification is for you. Similar to the GCP certification, the completion of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) program will allow you to effectively demonstrate architectural design principles based on customer preferences and best practices. This certification will test your abilities in AWS technologies, validating your expertise in deploying secure and robust AWS applications.

4.     Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

A management-focused qualification, the Certified Information Security Manager certification affirms an IT professional’s high level of technical competency. The CISM certification will also validate your skills in managing, designing, and engineering enterprise IT security programs. Earning the CISM certification means you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise of information security governance, information risk management, and other information security domains. IT professionals wanting to elevate their role to security management roles cannot overlook this top-paying cybersecurity certification. Since its inception in 2002, the CISM program has qualified more than 30,000 IT professionals worldwide, making it one of the most in-demand cybersecurity certifications.

5.     Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

Gaining a CRISC certification will qualify you to evaluate and manage real-world threats, using appropriate information system controls and tools. This enterprise risk management qualification is ideal for professionals who assume responsibilities for IT risk and control.

CRISC holders can demonstrate an in-depth understanding of information systems control design and implementation, control and assurance activities, and compliance. The CRISC designation verifies an IT professional’s risk management competence and technical understanding of operational security measures and frameworks. Like CISM, the Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control certification is highly valued, having more than 26,000 certification holders worldwide.


While this article provides a brief snapshot of the most-valued IT certifications, obtaining any of these necessary credentials confirms an IT professional’s expert knowledge in crucial IT and cybersecurity disciplines.

These five IT certifications aren’t just nice-to-haves; they’re essential qualifications to help you remain competitive and employable, gain job proficiency, and keep your skills up to date. By investing in your professional development today, you’re able to stay competitive for years to come.


Tapas Banerjee founded Web Age Solutions, a premier IT training company, serving Fortune 500-sized companies across North America. Under his leadership, Web Age Solutions has won multiple awards such as Inc 500 and Profit 100 as one of the fastest growing companies. He is instrumental in coming up with various training offerings in the growing fields of Data Science and AI, Cloud and Micro services.


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