What Features to Look for in a PDF Security Product

What Features to Look for in a PDF Security Product

A PDF security product is critical for any business that uses PDFs every day. Without it, your confidential PDF documents may fall into the wrong hands which could jeopardize your business. However, there are plenty of PDF security products available. So, how can you identify the right one for you?

Well, you have to consider a few things when deciding on a PDF security product:

● Is it simple to use?
● Does it provide foolproof security measures?
● Do you feel safe using the product or are you afraid that you will end up locking yourself out of your own PDF files?

And there’s more you have to consider. Below are many nitty-gritty features that you should know about before opting for a PDF security product

PDF Encryption
Encryption uses algorithms to keep information secret from anyone who is not authorized to access it. In this way, only authorized recipients of the PDF files can use a decryption key to access the PDF and do what they like with it.
PDF Passwords
These are used as a key for the PDF encryption. The password must be given to the recipient so they can open the protected PDF file. This is therefore the weakness of any password based system since if a user can share the password with others then anyone could have access to your PDFs.
PDF Restrictions
With PDF restrictions, you can prevent the editing or modification of your PDF in any form. For example, copy and paste options can be disabled. You can also stop printouts from being made or allow only a certain number of prints.
DRM Controls
Protecting PDF files with DRM controls enables you to prevent the copy and paste functions as well as control the printouts that can be made, with even more security. For example, it also enables you to add a watermark to your content or revoke access to your PDF files no matter where the files are or with whom.

And, if you don’t want the authorized recipients of your PDF files to retain them forever, you can use the PDF expiry options to expire your PDF files. You can expire your PDF files:

● On a fixed date
● After a given number of days from the first use
● After a given number of views
● After a given number of prints
● After the subscription period has ended
● As per your wish

With DRM, it is also possible to track file usage. This is useful if you want to know that a recipient has received your PDF and has read it. DRM further enables you to track and monitor PDF usage by recording and displaying the number of times each document has been opened and printed. You can even filter the results over a specific period.

Another feature of a good DRM is that you can allow users to access a PDF file offline.
Public Key Technology
Public Key Technology has two major uses:
● To protect the secret decryption key, preventing unauthorized users from finding it
● To create a digital signature, which establishes that the document has not been altered in any way and verifies the sender
It is very secure as the key is not exposed to the user and so cannot be attacked. In addition, there are no passwords to manage which users might also forget.
Licensing Controls
You can distribute a single document with different licensing conditions, depending on the user. For example, you can allow one user to print the document while disallowing the same for another user. You can also revoke access to a specific document for an individual user or for all the users.
Licensing controls also enable you to lock PDFs to specific devices, lock PDF files to locations, and log document use on a user basis.
Proprietary Security Mechanisms
These are used to control operating system specific behavior, such as preventing third-party screen grabbers from taking screenshots or preventing the use of temporary files, which store unprotected copies of a PDF, from being created.


Many PDF security products are very difficult to manage for the PDF owner and the recipient of the PDF. But, that should not be the case. You should feel safe and confident with all these features. So, a good PDF security product will allow you to control access to and the use of your PDF files in ways that will suit your business interests, without being too taxing.

We have tried to present the features that a PDF security product should essentially have. Do you’ve any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below, we’d love hearing from you.

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