Best Business VPN Solutions 2020

Best Business VPN Solutions 2020

The simple way of adding an extra layer of security to your small or medium-sized business is by investing in a Virtual private network. This simple step will make you protect your data faster and in an affordable way. For any business, sensitive information and data are bound to reach online than ever before. Therefore, now is the right time for protecting your data using a business VPN solution.

A virtual private network funnels your browsing and data through a secure, private server. This simple thing keeps you anonymous and keeps the data encrypted so that it safe from the potential attack of the hackers.  Moreover, the data and information are safe from your ISP and the government. Only you can have access to your data.

A VPN encrypts the data from end-to-end and encryption like this is hard to crack. It cannot be decoded or read at any level of expertise.

Therefore, you can setup a business VPN according to the scale of your organization. You can get the one that fits the budget. This is the reason why VPNs are ideal for any business irrespective of its size.

Many internet providers are taking online security a lot more seriously. Therefore, companies like Charter Spectrum are offering an additional layer of security free of charge. Next time you look for the Spectrum bundles, you will get security-suite included!

Now, there are two types of VPN, one for the consumer and the other for the business. The main difference is that the business VPNs are designed to protect the entire company, not an individual.  However, on a business VPN, there is a dedicated IP address on the server. Everything is controlled via central software and the hierarchies can monitor the progress and work.

Here are some of the top VPNs for business:

Perimeter 81

If you have a small or medium-sized business, Perimeter 81 is the best one for you. You must have at least five team members to get this for your business. If you are a sole trader, you will have to look for other options. This is an advanced VPN with a cloud-based system. This means that you can customize and scale it according to your needs. Everything is done with the help of an amazing client that gives you access to manage the network and team settings. It has compatibility for Android, Linux, Chromebook, Windows, iOS, and macOS.

A VPN is bound to keep you secure with its tight protocols such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP. Auto Wi-Fi security and WireGuard connector back all of this. The combined effort of this increases efficiency, security, and mitigates all the data loss as well. It reduces the overall cost of IT security and helps you to invest in other important areas as well.

It has a two-factor authentication that works great no matter where the person is working. The COVID 19 situation is in front of us and we are forced to work from home. This VPN works on a public or home Wi-Fi connection perfectly. There are multiple business plans for you to choose from and all of them are quite affordable.

NordVPN teams

NordVPN is famous for its safety and security. The NordVPN Teams is the business version. The best thing about this VPN is that you get double encryption on your data. This is something many top VPNs fail to give or address. Even if someone gets your data, it’d be of no use. It will be hard to decipher. To make it extra secure, it has a kill switch if the connection drops somehow.

NordVPN teams have a clear no-log policy. This means that even the VPN server will not store any of your data and information let alone the access to your systems. You have a dedicated VPN business server for all your usage.

This VPN is also great on the pricing side. You do not have to spend a fortune. The plans are quite affordable.

Another great option for your business that gets you one of the most reliable device support is The best thing about this business VPN is that there are no hard caps on the amount of connection established. This means that you can secure more than a hundred devices at once without a worry.

The VPN works for iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon, and macOS. You can set it up quite easily on any device. The security is strong on every front with DNS leak protection. Most importantly, you can filter the content and see what your staff can see. You need a VPN for atleast two members to get the service.


If your business involved frequent traveling nationally or internationally, this is the right choice for you. You can use it in any region and access all the legal content. The subscription can be transferred from one device to the other. The managers get access to the application where they can monitor everything. Like most of the VPNs, there are no strict logs. You can have a private connection whenever needed. All the information, data, and online activities are secure. No one can access them.

You get an extended money-back guarantee. You will have 45 days to get your money back. Moreover, you have a 24/7 live chat support in case of any problem.

Final Verdict!

Protecting your business and data should be the priority of every enterprise. Therefore, get a VPN for your business ASAP!

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