4 Reasons Why Non-Profit Organizations Are Moving To QuickBooks Hosting

4 Reasons Why Non-Profit Organizations Are Moving To QuickBooks Hosting

Modern day has changed a lot and if you will bring a person from the past in the modern era, then he will be completely dumbfounded after looking at the changes made. We are moving towards the future at a very fast pace and this pace will continue in the future as well. But you must have noticed changes in the personal lifestyle only and if you really want to witness the changes, then you will have to look at how the modern day business work. You will be left speechless if you will compare what businesses used for their operation just a couple of decades ago and what they are using in the modern era.

There have been several changes made in the operation of businesses and although many of these changes have occurred because of change in demand or market, a big credit for these positive changes goes to the technological solutions. And if you are thinking that technological solutions are being used by only IT firms then you are completely wrong as even non-profit organizations who don’t have any relation with technological innovations are using modern day technological marvels without any second thought. And one such technological solution that is being used by modern day non-profit organizations is QuickBooks hosting for non-profit.

QuickBooks hosting is basically the hosted version of the same desktop QB that you have been using from many years. Even after shifting to the cloud, you get the same UI of your desktop QB but it comes with the unlocked power of the fruitful cloud platform. You should know that in order to shift to the cloud platform, you will have to first choose a cloud hosting provider, buy their cloud package, and only then you will be able to move to the cloud platform.

There are many reasons why non-profit organizations are flocking to the QuickBooks hosting platform but in this blog post, we have compiled the top 5 reasons behind this paradigm shift in the approach of non-profit organizations toward their accounting. Keep reading to stay illuminated.

Always availability

One of the main reasons why so many non-profit organizations are shifting to the fruitful cloud hosting platform in the form of Hosted QuickBooks because it offers anywhere, anytime accessibility. You should know that if a non-profit organization will be using desktop installed software solutions then every time it will need to access its books, it will have to go to its office. And for non-profit organizations, they always need their books. This problem is solved by QuickBooks on the cloud since it comes with the power of global accessibility. If you will choose the cloud hosting platform then you will be able to access your books from anywhere and at any time.

High-end security

You should know that the financial data of any company is the most secured data and if the financial data of any company will be at risk then it cause serious issues and the same goes for non-profit organizations. If a non-profit organization will keep on using desktop installed accounting software then it will have to store its data on the local hard disk and it is not safe at all. But if a non-profit organization will choose cloud hosting solution then its financial data will be kept secure by the multiple layers of security provided on the cloud platform.


Non-profit organizations are not any type of normal business that is being run to earn profit and make money and this is one of the main reasons why they are always short on money. A non-profit organization is completely dependent upon its donations for running the organization and that’s why they can’t go on buying a costly technological solution. But if a no-profit organization will choose a cloud hosting solution then it can turn out to be quite cost-effective. The non-profit organization will not need to bear the cost of building an IT infrastructure and it will also be able to save money spent on hiring, managing, and training IT professionals.

High uptime

There is no use of any type of accounting software solution if it will keep its users locked out of the system because of unavailability. Imagine a situation when you need to work on your accounting software solution and it is not available due to some system error. Well, this type of situation can arise in the case of traditional accounting solutions not with the cloud hosting accounting solution like QB hosting. And this type of high uptime in the cloud hosting solution is possible because in the cloud hosting solution, the cloud vendor offers 99.99% of high uptime and with this much of high uptime, you will have to deal with only a few minutes of downtime throughout the year.

As you can see, there are many features that make cloud hosting a perfect solution for non-profit organizations, especially for their accounting. By shifting the accounting software on the cloud, non-profit organizations can harness many benefits and provide better service to the community without burning a hole in their pocket.

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