How Cellphone Surveillance is a Big Problem now?

How Cellphone Surveillance is a Big Problem now?


Cellphone surveillance is also known as a cellphone spying this may involve hardware that generates a fake cell phone tower to “catch” the particular users’ mobile phone and detect their physical presence. Smartphones are playing an increasingly central role in our lives, by installing an application or software we can keep track of smartphone usage, and some can even monitor their current location, we carry our smartphones almost everywhere, and trust our mobile phones for saving sensitive data and sometimes deeply personal information.

A CSO conference India had to recently discuss the use of rogue cell phone surveillance devices, these eavesdropping devices pretend to be a cell tower, forcing nearby phones to connect before passing the signal along to a real tower, it can also track a phone’s location and block it from connecting to the real cellular network. Cellphone Surveillance is a Big Problem now because we use our smartphones as a camera, a GPS and a microphone, to carry out day-to-day tasks from communicating with family members and socializing on social media apps to tracking our health and taking care of our finances on banking apps. The use of rogue cell phone surveillance devices allows the Stingray to gather data from the device and listen in on conversations. Unfortunately, mobile phones were not designed for privacy and security the current cellular standards were robust and difficult to crack when they were developed, but technology has advanced. Turning this device into a spying tool is much easier and effective than you think, it’s now possible to listen in on phone calls with the right hardware using attacks like the GSM Active Key Extraction.

These devices are not operated by any legitimate law enforcement organization, it is difficult to detect that who is running this kind of equipment, smartphones fail to protect your communications, and they also, expose you to new kinds of surveillance risks. Some of the rogue cell phone surveillance devices are only good for short-range and fit inside a small backpack or briefcase, mobile network operators themselves can intercept and record all of the data about visited websites, who called or sent SMS to whom, when, and what they said.

Tracking the locations of Stingrays would be an expensive as well as time-consuming process and there is no way to “hide” from this kind of tracking as long as your mobile phone is powered on and transmitting signals to an operator’s network. It would probably also require the cooperation of wireless carriers to implement new technologies though, in a world where practically every machine connects to the internet, this is not easy. A very few extraordinarily rich people with the latest technology, certain hardened, ultra-secure mobile phones may not be affected by rogue cell phone surveillance devices but the inconvenience of working entirely offline can be justified, despite all the trouble as most people are just using off-the-shelf smartphones. For these situations, the highly cautious rely on Faraday cages or bags.

Cell phone quality measurement firms use a tool to measure tower handoffs and call quality but currently there is no reliable defense against all IMSI catchers. People who are concerned about their privacy should look into either getting apps that encrypt communication between their users via 4G/Wi-Fi (under the assumption that the smartphone is not being spied on by some other means) or purchase a smartphone dedicated to that end such as the CryptoPhone. Make sure the software of your smartphone is up to date and your smartphone is not set up to automatically connect to some unknown Wi-Fi networks. Upgrading to the latest version of the software would be helpful as if a device is picked up by a Stingray and then pushed off to another tower, this would be detectable and measurable, even if the Stingray was in a backpack.

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