May 21, 2020

4 Essential Things to Look for in a Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution for Cyber Security

Abstract: Cyber security is the most important part of global connectivity and usage of cloud services as it encompasses everything that applies to protecting your sensitive data and personal information. Recently, there has been so much hype everywhere regarding the use of ML and AI in fraud detection & prevention that it has been difficult for a number of individuals to distinguish myth from reality in cyber security. The organized

What is the GUI? Which Language is best to build its Program?

What is the Graphic User Interface (GUI)? The graphic user interface was developed by a research laboratory named Xeros Palo Alto in the late 1970s. It was commercially deployed in Macintosh by Apple and the Windows operating system of Microsoft. The reason behind its development was to prepare a response to the problem of ineffective usability, for the average user, in early text-based command-line interfaces. In the present age, a