11 Clever Content Marketing Examples with Amazing Results

11 Clever Content Marketing Examples with Amazing Results

Many times you will find yourself in a soup fetching for more innovative ideas for your next content marketing campaign. We all have been there at some point in our lives. Nothing to worry as now you can get hands on several content marketing examples that will help you intensify all your campaigns. Almost 65% of companies find it very challenging for constructing engaging content and 62% of them are unaware about how to calculate the ROI of the campaigns. Do not be one of them as then retaining visitors for converting them into consumers will be demanding.

Examples Of Social Media Marketing

Social shares can indirectly assist you with search ranking that again results in proper lead generation. Your emphasis must be on social media content curation tools that will wow your audience like never before.

  1. GE – GE is the best place to begin learning how to shape your content marketing campaigns correctly. For instance, in its Instagram campaign, it linked it with influencer marketing that fetched it 6 Instagram influencers & numerous super fans who were willing to engage in #GEInstaWalk. The results include 3 million reaches every tour, 3000 brand new followers and 8 million views of the company’s Instagram account.
  • Intrepid Travel – When you are from the travel industry and seeking to grow your business through online means, keeping a check on content marketing hubspot can be beneficial. Here you can get hands on learning from real-time content marketing examples like The Journal that comprises stories from travelers who share their real experiences. Intrepid Travel has managed to attain almost half a million followers of Facebook as it uploads inspirational travel pictures from vacationers on Facebook along with its own creative content.
  • Glossier – You can learn a lot about content curation social media from Glossier’s campaigns. It utilizes user-generated content for boosting its brand on the social networking website, Instagram. It is actually cutting down on the tasks associated with content creation & engaged in making the audience feel flattered on being featured. This leads to more engagement & reach. The brand is also displaying its recent Instagram content on its very homepage as it helps in attracting consumers. It has current 1 million followers on Instagram.

Examples of Blogging

Blogging is the very starting point if you have engaged in attaining deep insight about content marketing. Through blogging you are offering useful information to visitors that are in turn helping you fuel your SEO content marketing efforts by constructing a robust social media presence.

  • Buffer – Enhanced brand reputation, more amount of referral traffic, enhanced brand reputation are some highly effective blog content marketing benefits. But are you unable to attain these? Revert to content marketing examples like the company Buffer that fueled its initial growth through guest blogging as it kept on publishing good quality contents on all high visibility websites. The primary 1, 00,000 users were the very result of such amazing growth hacking techniques. In today’s time, Buffer comprises 4 blogs where you can find facts about the ups & downs of their business over many years. You can relate your marketing efforts with their weaknesses and strengths and chalk out a plan for enhancing business growth.
  • Rip Curl – Your lookout must always be on content curation strategy that will be rewarding for the long-term as well. So how do you get hands on such ground-breaking ideas for making those content marketing campaigns a total hit? Well, you can always study content marketing examples like Rip Curl that regards itself as the best surfing company. It also runs an online publication, namely The Search. The publication comprises surfing stories from various surfers, surfing lifestyle & a lot more. It has 100,000 & beyond YouTube subscribers which is truly very impressive. Take idea from this example for matching your content to the target audience for ensuring optimum business growth.

Tried & True examples

The following examples do not depend on social media advertising.

6)     AARP – When running your fingers amidst various content marketing tips & not really sure which tip to resonate with, it is best to slip back to content marketing examples like AARP. This is a magazine that is extremely well known for its quality of photography, content and design. They listen to each one of their readers who reach out to them through social media, email and letter. They utilize this information for shaping the topics with which the readers will relate the most. The magazine finds its position in 22 million residences that speaks for its success. Hence, now you know what you need to do to experience lead generation at its best.

Examples of visual content advertising

The very means of support for social media lies in images. In fact as per statistics, tweets that contain images have a 70% better chance of getting retweeted. Also blog posts that contain images receive 95% more views.

  • Zomato – If you are thinking how to enhance brand visibility and gain more leads through the content marketing funnel, Zomato is the perfect example to learn from. This mobile application is actually a restaurant finder and is available in 24 countries. The brand utilizes humor liberally as its marketing strategy. The images that it shares contain references from popular culture. They believe in showcasing entertaining ideas with a minimalist approach and this completes the trick. With 1.3 million Twitter followers, it is a very popular brand in the current times.
  • Rolex – When your brand is an infamous one, never think you cannot indulge in attaining content marketing success. Rolex is the perfect example for understanding it. It expresses its superior brand quality through flawless photography that again radiates quality. The brand has 7 million & above Instagram followers. Hence if your business is all about visual contents then you must gain inspiration from this instance.

Resources & Ebooks examples

Raising brand awareness is very important as it drives the customers’ decisions when they differentiate between various competing companies. Learn more in detail from these content marketing examples.

9)     LinkedIn – LinkedIn is one of the most profitable social networks in the present times. In fact 45% of millionaires utilize this network. With LinkedIn anybody can post quality content easily. Inputting practically useful killer headlines is important too. Its own Ebook will offer you great insights about its marketing approach. The landing page of the social network sharpens the appetites of the customers with a series of stats & tips and most users opt-in instantly. If you are looking for a more efficacious content marketing guide, you must refer to LinkedIn and its strategies.

Other relevant examples

10) Burberry – Burberry Kisses was the brand’s most talked about content marketing campaigns. In this promotion, mobile technology was blended with human wish for connecting with others. Through an application, users could press lips against the screen & send digital kisses to anybody they like. People could also use Google Maps & Google Street View with the campaign for witnessing the entire journey of digital kisses. Such innovative ideas entertain and attract customers like no other. Look at all the content marketing metrics and then plan how to shape your next content marketing promotion.

11) Lush – It is not always one marketing content strategy that you need to stick with for reaching your target audience. You can combine a wide array of effective techniques as well. You can understand it more with this example. Lush is a brand that contains idiosyncratic product names and resonates strongly with its core spectators. It posts videos that showcase the behind the scenes of the manufacturing of the products. On social media, the brand encourages its users to share various product photos. The brand’s key platform is Instagram with almost 4 million followers. Take such content marketing examples into account and wow your users with new and fresh ideas.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s retaining a present customer or attracting new audience, creativity is the most important when it comes to marketing content. For this chalking out the perfect content marketing strategy is vital. Take heed from numerous successful content marketing examples by which you will also apprehend how important it is actually to know your audience. After that you can pick the most effective process of marketing for ensuring maximum engagement. Connect with us and let our content marketing experts offer you solutions that will make your content marketing campaigns successful every time.

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