IT Audit Checklist For Regulatory Compliance

IT Audit Checklist For Regulatory Compliance

Whenever any new IT component is introduced, it carries an inherent risk to any existing IT system. That’s when an IT audit can help you to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization. It identifies any possible concerns, security risks, or even productivity leaks. Hence, you can fix these issues before they impact your operations and result in any significant business.  If you just wish to create a flexible, risk-based audit program for your IT activities and operations, you need to start with a pin-point IT Audit checklist for regulatory compliance. It helps you to plan an IT Audit from scratch.  Moreover, the IT Audit Checklists can also help managers to proactively complete self-assessments of their operations. As a result, it helps in, identifying opportunities for system and process improvement.

An insight into the IT Audit Checklist for regulatory compliance

If you had a big problem with office technology, how severely would it affect your business? How long can you manage to stand down while you wait for maintenance? Here, you must have an IT Audit Checklist. It ensures your IT department has adequate tools to secure your network and avoid costly maintenance. With an IT Audit Checklist, you are creating a system to assess and evaluate the robustness of your company’s information technology infrastructure. It also tests the organization’s IT policies, procedures, and operations. The primary role of an audit framework is to figure out where and what your IT security system lacks, what are the benchmarks and how to measure its effectiveness

Components if IT Audit

An IT Audit measures the following parameters within your entire information technology environment

  • Asset management
  • Security awareness
  • Data security
  • Data backups
  • Access control
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity planning

Primary goals of an IT Audit

Before you create or follow a template of any IT Audit checklist, you should be well-versed with its primary goals. They are enlisted below:

  • Examine past systems, evaluate the present system and anticipate future risks e.g. frequency of system outage
  • Identify future opportunities to improve workflow and IT operations
  • Update the list of software and hardware, their accuracy and precision, and their working conditions to plan a lifecycle
  • Handle the areas that cause frequent problems and drain productivity e.g. slow internet, less server space, etc.
  • Comparison of new vs old systems and monitor improved performance
  • Ensure accurate configuration, sufficient security measures & backup systems, and develop a security threat response plan
  • Check for the licensed software and stay away from piracy issues or software malfunctioning
  • Report on recommended actions to fix any issues

IT Audit Checklist template designed for you

Information Security

  • Is your existing information security strategy comprehensive?
  • Does it include adequate training and awareness, monitoring, predictive modeling, vulnerability assessment, detection and response, and reporting controls?
  • Who is responsible for information security? Only the IT department or the entire organization?
  • Are there procedures in place that investigate the known problems and identify threats appropriately?
  • Are those mechanisms effective?
  • How soon can your organization respond to intrusions?

Business Continuity Management

  • Is your business continuity plan holistic and covers essential business continuity procedures?
  • How soon can normal business functions resume should disruption or disaster occur?
  • Is the crisis management plan comprehensive?
  • Do employees and other stakeholders understand the plan?

Software/IT Asset Management

  • Do you use asset management tools? If not, why?
  • Can software licensing costs be reduced in any area?
  • Can software licensing agreements be renegotiated?
  • How effective and comprehensive your IT asset and software management methodology is?

IT Risk Management

  • How effective is the IT risk assessment process?
  • Do you have documented and formal IT governance processes for decisions for project approvals and budget allocations?
  • Can your system identify, evaluate, manage, accept, and fix IT risks?
  • Do you take benefit of the GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) software insights?

Identity and Access Management

  • Is there role-based or SoD (segregation of duties) protocols in place?
  • Can these protocols prevent or detect errors and fraud?
  • Do your employees understand their roles and access permissions, as well as the responsibilities associated with them, well enough?

Data Loss Prevention and Privacy

  • Do you collect and store sensitive data does your organization? How?
  • In what areas are you vulnerable? Are there controls to manage these inadequacies?
  • Do you adequately understand privacy regulations relevant to your industry? Do end-users follow procedures to ensure compliance?

Program Risk

  • Is there any strategy to address areas that pose significant risks to the execution of projects and programs, such as data migration, third party partnerships, etc.?
  • How are program and project risks assessed?

Mobile and Cloud

  • Are the right mobile policies in place like identifying risk and vulnerability, configuration settings, detecting and reacting to attack, and handling devices that have been stolen or lost?
  • Are there existing policies for cloud usage? Do they coincide with other organizational policies, such as procurement, legal, and IT policies?
  • Does it make sense moving services to the cloud? Have you assessed the business consequences of cloud usage?
  • Do user authentication and access protocols exist?
  • Do your team properly follow program protocols?
  • When business goals change, how your team manages the program portfolio?

Over to You

Fill up this exhaustive It Audit checklist and stay relaxed regarding IT Audit for regulatory compliance.

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