Best Technology Trends to Come in 2020

Best Technology Trends to Come in 2020

Most of the new technologies have the capacity to change the way we live. When used right, they can help us save time or energy and even make our jobs easier. This is exactly why experts are extremely excited at the beginning of each year to identify the technology trends that have the potential to shape our lives over the course of the next twelve months. With that said, let’s take a better look at the best technology trends that are to come in 2020.

The emergence of 5G

The internet is constantly evolving and 2020 might just be the year in which the web changes even more. This is mostly because we’re about to witness the 5G wireless revolution. This new technology is finally about to make a jump from concept to reality and boost our download and upload speeds while also making connections more stable. The emergence of 5G connection will make it easier for businesses to thrive in the data-driven era and encourage individuals to use their mobile devices even more. Moreover, this new tech will allow companies to maximize their use of technologies such as machines and robots.

Sensors for upgrading health

One of the best things about technology is that it can help us stay healthy. And we’re not only talking about devices used in medicine but sensors and apps anyone can use. In 2020, we can expect to see new sensors being included in smartwatches and making it even easier for people to stay aware of their health condition. More precisely, some of the smartwatches that’ll gain a lot of popularity in the next twelve months now have electrocardiograms, SpO2 for blood oxygen, and can even detect sleep apnea. Some of them can even perform skin readings and detect your stress level.

The blockchain

We’ve all heard so much about the blockchain in the last few years and this technology will advance even more in 2020. Expect both the blockchain and digital currencies to gain a lot of attention over the course of the next twelve months as the new currency Libra is ready to shake things up. This currency might just completely change the way we pay for stuff and it wouldn’t be able to do that without the blockchain. Blockchain technology will also contribute to the rise of the iGaming industry as it allows quicker and safer transactions. As a result, a number of new video slots and other casino games will be available in 2020.

Better cyber security

Cybersecurity isn’t a new technology as it has been around ever since the internet become a thing. Unfortunately, hackers and other wrongdoers on the web keep coming up with new ways to break into databases and steal data from businesses and individuals. Therefore, it’s extremely important for internet security experts to keep releasing new software that’ll prevent them from getting their hands on confidential data. Reports have shown that there’s an increasing need for internet security experts and even more people will get hired in the industry in 2020. In case you’re looking for a job in tech, cybersecurity is definitely an option worth considering.

Virtual reality (VR)

In 2019, a few companies released new VR headsets, some of which were even brand debuts. The battle for dominance was quite fierce and it’s anticipated that this trend will continue in 2020. One of the biggest reasons why VR might explode in 2020 is because experts are still trying to come up with the best ways to use this technology. At the moment, VR sets are most commonly used in gaming but experts in various fields are looking into the possibility of including VR into their operations. For example, more real estate professionals will use this technology to offer an improved experience to their clients.

Self-driving vehicles

Self-driving vehicles were always subject to a lot of discussion. Even the Jetsons anticipated people in the 21st century to ride in cars that can do all the work themselves. In the last decade, we got to hear a lot about companies that are working on autonomous vehicles and it looks like 2020 could be the year we finally get a chance to see them in action. Of course, these things still need to go a long way before they’re released for everyday use but it seems they’re getting close to it. Even if don’t see much from self-driving cars this year, there are still advancements such as automated braking and lane-changing that drivers will be able to benefit a lot from.

The bottom line

Technology has gone a long way in the last few decades and there are plenty of reasons for us to be excited at the beginning of a new one. The six tech trends covered in this post will dominate 2020 and we can only try to imagine what other trends will emerge later in the decade.

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