5 Brilliant Blogging Tools One Must Use

5 Brilliant Blogging Tools One Must Use

A blogger is in constant need of upgrades with respect to the tools and techniques of blogging. If you are a blogger, you can absolutely relate given the needs and concerns of every blogger’s contemporary issues.The result you need at the end of the day is a good, consistent flow of traffic on your blog. For that matter, you need to make sure you have multiple tools and software that allow maximum reach to your blog.

Blogging is not just about writing and sending it out to the world; it is also about keeping track of your work, checking its performance, driving analyses to detect the loopholes — providing people with the type of content they deserve and need. Well, a blogger is highly dependent on an efficient and reliable web-host server that constantly keeps it live and protects it from external threats. Most of the web-hosts create back-ups to prevent data loss. If you’re just starting out or are not satisfied with your current host then you might want to check out Nexxyhost.com. Their starter’s package is for free for three months. Cool… Right?

Here are five tools you can use in order to make blogging much more interesting and authentic.

1.    Start Using ‘Sendible’

If you are into blogging or social media marketing, you need an application that helps you manage your business on social media. Social media is the best place for marketing these days. You can run campaigns, find your type of audience and, in fact, create an audience by personally contacting those you know would be interested in your service. You can build a very comfortable relationship with your audience by simply getting in touch with them to answer their questions. Sendible is going to help you get qualified leads for it contains features like lead acquisition. It will manage your social networks, schedule messages, and help you engage with your audience. It also measures ROI from the dashboard that is extremely easy to use. The feature that sets it apart from other applications is its ability to have multiple accounts and services per account. You can manage the scheduling of Facebook posts, notes, photo albums, messages (group or personal), etc.

2.    Try Using Google Docs

Google offers a plethora of useful tools that can make a blogger’s life easier. It is quite recently that people started using Google applications because they realized these tools are extremely user-friendly. While a lot of people use MS Word, there are many who have turned towards this application to write content, complete their projects or set up blog posts. It has everything that a blogger needs: multiple types of fonts, pages, size, and color— everything.

Here are a few benefits of using Google Docs

  • You can build a community with your team or contractors.
  • You don’t have to keep a file in your PC that you carry in a USB or a device to transfer from one system to another. You can simply store the documents on the cloud and access them on any system you like.
  • You can conveniently convert and forward the documents as PDFs.
  • You would not have to install any software on your computer. It is free.

Maintaining Google Docs and data transfer through it can prove to be risky. In order to prevent any data loss or data breach get yourself a secure internet connection and turn on a two-step verification method. I know finding a reliable ISP can be a great hassle. But this hassle introduced me with this amazing platform Localcabledeals which helped me pick the best internet in my area.

3.      Try Using ‘Fyrebox’

A blogger constantly looks for feedbacks, analyses content, and monitors blog performance. Fyrebox makes all these tasks easier. You do not have to create a quiz that requires inserting codes or designing; Fyrebox takes care of each detail required in creating a quiz. It matters a lot if the design of your quiz is good because an attractive design can exponentially increase conversions and, in fact, increase your product sales. We have an excellent example to back up the claim with the mention of Zenni Optical – the brand that generated a quiz with the title, “You’ve been Frames” that literally generated over $1 million revenue within six months.

As professional marketers, you know how quickly these techniques evolve, as they themselves are a representative of the psyche of users. They show how the audience likes to be engaged and involved through quizzes more than any other means of interaction.

4.    Try Using ‘Quora’

Another extremely useful application is Quora that is unlike Facebook or Twitter, serves the same purpose, but with a serious link or connection between the authors, readers, or users. Quora is one of the best tools for bloggers because it brings together people seriously concerned on matters, looking for authentic discussions and experts that can provide answers. If you’re handling an online business, you can even find a good company in that area. The most attractive part of this forum is the fact that it is free. You can find several places on this forum where you can get ideas for your blog mainly because this forum receives a huge amount of traffic that includes both users and visitors. In 2018, Quora generated an average of 40 million website visits each month. The fact that it is a fully-grown forum brings us to the conclusion that any person who goes through a creative block can find diversity and development. Many SEO experts use this forum to extract keywords. What they do is search for the most commonly asked questions and then get an article written on it so as to attract traffic to their site.

5.    Try Using ‘Hubspot Topic Generator’

If blogging is an everyday activity, you will be aware of how difficult the whole activity becomes when one can’t think of a proper topic. That is when you need outside help, like asking people around, or friends. But, what is better than an application that helps you by coming up with innovative titles, ensuring the uniqueness of your content, and demand of highly coveted subjects. This difficulty aside, coming up with an attractive headline is itself a whole job, which needs alertness and creativity of mind, for which HubSpot may be the best option.

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Saira A is a content strategist at Spectrum Voice and has keen interest in technology and sports. She absolutely enjoys educating people out of her experience. She is constantly writing to enable her readers to achieve their set goals in SEO, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, PPC, SMM and Affiliate Marketing.

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