5 Lucrative Ways to Leverage Technology and Make Money Online

5 Lucrative Ways to Leverage Technology and Make Money Online

Technology is not only transforming every industry in the world, it’s also deconstructing traditional norms and creating entirely new industries in the process. Needless to say, this tech-driven world is quickly giving rise to lucrative business opportunities that weren’t around just ten or fifteen years ago, which grants you the golden opportunity to launch a thriving career in the digital realm. What’s even better about the tech industry and its complementary fields, is that you have plenty of career paths to choose from.

You don’t have to be an IT expert to make a living in this field, as there are many tech-related jobs and vocations that involve creativity, analytical thinking, and everything in between. Today, let’s take a closer look at some of the most lucrative and rewarding ways you can leverage technology and make money in the online world.

Become a writer or launch a blog

Let’s start with the creative industries and take a look at one of the most popular vocations nowadays – content creation. There are various ways you can become a content creator, as content can take many forms: from articles and blogs, to video, images and infographics, podcasts, and many, many more. If you want to get into the content creation game quickly and start making money without spending too much time learning, though, then perhaps creating written content is the way to go.

This is not to say that writing compelling stories for the online audience is easy, but it is to say that you can easily get in the game if you have a way with words and consider yourself somewhat of a storyteller. With nothing but your laptop and a decent internet connection, you can make an honest living creating content for international clients, and if you’re feeling entrepreneurial, you can even launch a blog site of your own.

Make websites for companies

Web development is another highly sought-after skill in the modern business world, because quite simply, every company needs a website. And you can bet that forward-looking business leaders will pay whatever it takes to build an amazing website that will inspire trust, boost engagement, and elevate their brand’s reputation in the oversaturated marketplace. That said, developing websites for top-notch clients does require you to build up your portfolio and enrich it with some compelling success stories beforehand.

You can start by taking on smaller clients and projects that pay very little or nothing at all, in exchange for mentions and retaining the rights to your work so that you can put the sites in your resume. As you take on more clients and start to refine your skillset, you will be able to quickly ramp up your fees and attract top-tier businesses. The key is, of course, to stay consistent and always evolve your work with the prevailing trends so that you can deliver on your clients’ expectations.

Become a trader in currencies

In case that you’re looking to invest your time and money into a more lucrative field, one with a high ROI potential, then perhaps you should turn to the forex market. The financial sector is one of the fastest-growing industries, and the forex market is the most valuable market in the world currently, which makes it appealing for aspiring investors due to its low barrier to entry, among other perks.

However, one of the key drivers of this popularity, and why it’s one of the best ways to build a digital career, is the fact that forward-looking broker firms such as Ever Forex are providing investors with all of the tools, guidance, support they need to build their fortune in the digital world safely and efficiently. Unlike other assets you can invest in, currencies offer a high ROI potential but do not demand a substantial investment – so you can start trading with minimal capital.

Get into app and software development

Modern consumerism runs on apps and smart technology, which creates ample opportunity for tech-savvy job-seekers to build a thriving career. Now, app and software development in general is not easy to master, but if you have a knack for it, you can sell your skills and knowledge for a substantial price.

That said, you will have to devote plenty of time and effort into learning the numerous coding languages that businesses want their apps to be built on, so that you can attract as many clients as possible. If you stick it out, though, over time you will have developed a skillset that companies will pay top-dollar to obtain.

Sell your digital marketing skills

Digital marketing is another skill set that modern business leaders hold in high regard, simply because every business needs to invest in digital marketing in order to build their competitive advantage and engage with their online audience. This is where you come in as the digital marketing expert they’ve been looking for, but only if you take the time to learn about and master the relevant digital marketing tactics.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to master everything at once. Start with the tactics that interest you the most, and try to expand your skill set over time.

Wrapping up

Technology has opened numerous lucrative doors for the modern job-seeker, all you have to do is to research the fields that spark your interest, and develop the skills necessary to launch your career. Be sure to take these fields into consideration to discover the most cost-effective options for your unique needs, goals, and aspirations.

About the Author:

Keith Coppersmith is a business and marketing expert who has experienced both the rise and fall of many businesses. He enjoys writing and providing insight of the marketing industry based on both practice and theory.

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