6 Practical Home Security Tips That You Can Use Today

6 Practical Home Security Tips That You Can Use Today

We live in an age of paradox. The way technology has advanced is staggering which means a lot more convenience for us. We have the internet to connect practically everyone in the world. And for most people, we are never too far from a computer or mobile phone which we use to access vast amounts of information.

On the other hand, we also live in a world of increased risk. Criminals and thieves also have access to the same resources we have. It is easier for them to track what people do on a day to day basis and determine the right time to attack.

Our homes are a particular risk for burglary despite the innovative security systems that are currently available. Many of these security protocols can be circumvented by an ingenious burglar.

In order to stay ahead of attackers, we must not rely solely on the gadgetry that money can buy. We should also exercise protective habits and incorporate them into our daily lives.

This two-fold approach to protecting ourselves and our homes from attack is our way of staying vigilant to discourage criminals from targeting us.

1. Install CCTV cameras

We truly live in the age of cameras. Wherever we go, we see CCTV cameras everywhere. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. It can be good because it can help monitor and record any activity that might be going on. It can help identify criminals or keep residential and commercial spaces safe and secure.

On the other hand, with so many cameras documenting what people are doing, it might feel an invasion of our privacy.

The most common tip you will hear when it comes to securing your home or increasing its protection is to have CCTV cameras installed. What’s more, it is even suggested that multiple cameras should be installed in and around your property. With this, you can monitor those activities taking place in and around your property either through a computer screen or through your phone.

And because some of the latest models of spy wireless camera are capable of connecting to the home’s wireless network, wherever you are, so long as you have internet access, you can check to see what’s going on at home through your mobile phone.

2. Smoke awareness

If you want a safer and more secure home, then getting a home security system with smoke and gas sensors is your best bet. What this means is that along with the standard devices like several spy wireless camera, window and door sensors, and a central hub for video storage, the system also comes equipped with smoke alarms that sound off when smoke is detected as well as carbon monoxide sensors that alerts people should a leak happen. Several home security systems now include smoke and CO detectors to ensure that residents are safe.

In victims of fire, it is the smoke that causes the most casualties and harm to people, not the fire itself. It is also the most obvious sign that a fire is happening even when there are no flames evident yet.

Carbon monoxide is also another dangerous gas that is produced by car emissions or through burning. This is a very dangerous gas because it spreads quickly and doesn’t give off any smell. When exposed for several minutes, it can cause people to feel dizzy, confuse, and fall unconscious. Further exposure can lead to fatalities.

3. Appear to be occupied

We can’t help but leave our homes unattended a few times. Whether we are at work, traveling, or on vacation, there are times that no one will be home which can be an opportunity for thieves and burglars to attack. There are various ways to prevent criminals from targeting your home.

You can install motion-sensitive lights, spy wireless camera in several locations around your home, and window and door sensors. You can also put up a sign that your home comes equipped with a home security system so attackers are discouraged from targeting your home.

But if you don’t have any of this and still want to prevent a home invasion, the simplest thing you can do is appear to be home at all times. This doesn’t require too complicated of a system. You can buy TV and light switch timers. You can set them to go off when you’re not at home or at night. There are wireless switches you can also install in lighting fixtures that you can control with your phone.

And if you’re away for a long time, say visiting family in another city or vacationing abroad, make sure you stop the delivery of newspapers and magazines. You can also ask friends or neighbors to come to your house every day to retrieve mails and papers so they don’t accumulate which is a tell-tale sign that no one is at home.

4. Change locks frequently

In the course of our life, we are bound to hand over an extra pair of keys to friends, lovers, and family members. It’s a way to make sure that should an emergency occur, the people that you trust can get in without you having to be there. Or should you lose your keys, you know someone who carries an extra set.

But that can also be a double edge sword. Handing keys to a lot of people decreases the safety of your home. There’s no way of telling that any of those sets can fall on stranger’s hands with malicious intent. It is advisable that you should change your locks regularly.

The first instance that you should be changing your locks is when you first occupy the property. If the house had previous occupants, that’s more reason to change the locks. Next, you would want to change a lock after a major breakup.

This has nothing to do with a relationship ending and more to do with safety. An angry lover might use the keys to gain entry without your knowledge. Or discard it and it may fall into other people’s hands which might use it to invade your home.

5. Clean your property

The most appealing properties that criminals attack are those with messy and dirty appearance. This means overgrown plants, garbage in the yard, and a generally unkempt appearance. Bushes and plants that are overgrown, in particular, offer the most tantalizing invitation for criminals to come in and enter your home because these plants offer cover as these burglars make their way inside your window or through a side door.

In order to dissuade thieves from targeting your home, you should take care to clean your home, especially the front yard. Make sure the yard is clean with grass and bushes trimmed. Don’t let garbage and debris accumulate and always make sure fallen leaves are swept up and discarded properly.

Bushes that reaches to the windows should be trimmed so as not to cover them. Tree branches that reach into upper windows should also be trimmed back.

6. Keep electrical wires hidden

We often see in movies and TV shows how burglars right before they enter a home cut telephone and electrical wires so residents can’t contact the authorities. This fact is not made up by Hollywood, there are actual cases where this happened. When electrical lines are cut, many of the security systems that have no backup are out of service.

Wireless connections are cut off so spy wireless camera is not able to record. Motion sensing lights are also taken out of the equation as well as door and window sensors.

There are two ways to prevent this scenario from ever taking place. One, you need to install backup power for your security systems at home. You don’t need to power everything but at least ensure that the most important components can still operate even when power is cut off. Batteries are the most obvious solution.

The other solution is to keep your electrical lines well hidden. If possible, bury these lines underground or install them inside the exterior walls. Obviously doing this presents a level of complexity during the construction phase but it will make your home a lot safer and more secure.

Wrapping Up

From installing a spy wireless camera to practicing protective habits, these are only a few tips that we can do to ensure that our homes are well protected. Obviously, the more security devices and gadgets we install helps to increase protection but merely relying on these doesn’t mean we are going to be free from attacks.

What we also need to do is to stay vigilant. We must practice safety at all times, whether it is installing a spy wireless camera in our front stoop or burglarizing our own home to make sure everything is working properly.

With how technology is advancing, there is no excuse to not ensure our safety. Security gadgets and appliances are available everywhere with some running cheap. But we must also remember that safety starts within us. If we just stay aware of our surroundings and take the necessary precaution to keep us safe, we are halfway to preventing criminals from attacking us.

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