Tips And Importance Of Human Resource Development

Tips And Importance Of Human Resource Development

Human resource development means that companies provide education and training to employees, and develop human resources that will be the strength of the company. Recently, an increasing number of companies are focusing on human resource development.

In this article, we will thoroughly explain the purpose and reason for human resource development, the roles expected of human resources development departments such as human resource development, design methods, the trend of human resource development in recent years, and company examples…

What is Human Resource Development?

Human resource development is the continuous improvement of the capabilities of members belonging to companies and organizations.

There are three elements of knowledge, skills, and attitudes as the abilities that companies demand from employees. Since companies grant their respective abilities, education, and training for employees who are human assets. To improve the performance of human resources. Human resources development is a collective term for the efforts, ideas, and mechanisms for such capacity development that companies do for employees

Knowledge, skills, and attitudes can be effectively achieved by giving them together, and it is said that a program that combines three elements in a well-balanced manner is an excellent way to achieve results. In the human resources development department of a company, various forms and names are developed depending on the form of the corporate organization, such as training, classes, exercises, practical training, on-the-job training, and career development.

Purpose of human resource development

The purpose of human resource development is to improve the quality of work by improving employees’ business skills and motivation to realize corporate strategies.

Companies provide employees with opportunities to improve their skills such as education and training and work to develop human resources. Employees will not only become more confident by improving their skills but will also lead to corporate evaluations such as promotions and salary increases, which will lead to motivation.

As a result, the company will realize the strategy, and the company and employees will grow through human resource development.

Reasons for human resource development

Companies are rethinking about how human resources have been developed so far, and human resource development is required. It is a force to develop human resources that can respond to various problems in a rapidly changing management environment, such as globalization, technological innovation, corporate integration and restructuring, and reduction of education budget due to worsening business performance. This is because talented human resources are needed.

Also, the balance of human resources in the workplace has deteriorated due to the retirement of baby boomers and the recruitment of new graduates. Restructuring (employee education through practice) is also required.

As the need for human resources capable of responding to the globalization of companies and human resources capable of accelerating their abilities quickly increases, a new human resource development system is necessary for the corporate environment that will continue to change.

Relationship between human resource development and management strategy

The wisdom and actions of human resources are important driving forces for the realization of corporate management strategies. Business plans and strategies must be adapted to the changing business environment and market. To that end, it is important to carry out business planning and human resource development from a medium- to long-term perspective.

Each employee needs to understand the intentions of management and the desire to achieve business and to instill the meaning and importance of the medium- to long-term plan. About human resource development that is continuously carried out to increase competitiveness, results will be expressed by the will of employees who want to move forward. Nowadays there are a number of human resources training courses were available online from where you can learn more about Human Resource Development.


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