4 Ways Technology Can Help You Increase Business Productivity

4 Ways Technology Can Help You Increase Business Productivity

From encouraging that elusive work-life balance, offering numerous perks to employees, all the way to ensuring a healthy office culture, there are so many different ways in which companies strive to improve productivity among their teams. After all, every single business leader understands that the very essence of their success lies in how happy and productive their employees are. Without their dedication, innovative edge, and consistency in how they represent your brand, you can hardly expect your company to retain its reputation.

However, many businesses are only beginning to scratch the surface of utilizing tech to increase this very vital factor of their companies. It seems that with the fast-paced development of software solutions and high-quality equipment, a tech-driven workplace can indeed become a far more productive one. Here are several ways tech can serve this very purpose and make sure your business productivity is through the roof.

Chatbots to simplify customer service

We live in what we can safely call the customer-centric era. We have gone past the saying that the customer is always right into doing our best to meet and exceed their expectations before they even express them. However, too many businesses still fail to provide optimal customer service. They might struggle with those long hold times, too many options in the phone menu, and simple human error in communication over social media.

Enter: chatbots. These clever, AI-driven, data-based tech creatures are a wonderful solution to the customer service chaos many companies are dealing with. For starters, chatbots enable your websites and social media pages to have 24/7 support for any questions and concerns. That way, you can keep your agents for the most complex of queries that actually require human interference. You’ll cut costs, save time, and preserve millions of peoples’ nerves with this simple decision.

Solutions for better focus

What would you say are the greatest distractions at your office? Most businesses will agree that social media networks are the most prevalent and most common of distractions for the vast majority of employees. They’ll casually view their newsfeeds, chat with friends and family, and effectively disrupt their workflow even when they feel that the work is completed in time and in a quality manner. Still, many businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of using comprehensive web filtering solutions to curb unwanted digital distractions at the office.

Regulating the usage of the internet helps enhance productivity on many levels, and eliminating distractions is merely one of them. Another very important one on the list is eliminating security threats by preventing access to websites that may pose a threat to your privacy, data, or lead to any security issue whatsoever. Not only does this save your IT crew’s time for other internal operations, but it also simplifies your risk management strategy and prevents many potential catastrophes from occurring.

Reporting tools for greater efficiency

Data analysts will always be a necessity for every single industry out there. Still, making their jobs slightly easier and more efficient can serve as an improvement for the entire team’s productivity. Yet, there are more channels of communication and customer touchpoints now than there have ever been, making the task more complex and more prone to human error.

One of the simplest, most all-encompassing solutions involves the usage of reporting tools that have a myriad of perks. It saves hours of your time so you no longer have to sift through tons of data collected from various sources. It also means you’ll be able to merge, combine, and analyze the data in a single dashboard, giving you a clear overview of your company’s strategies. Reporting with the help of tech can help entire teams, from marketing to financing to focus on more relevant tasks and leave data analysis and collection to tech.

Easier collaboration and communication

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a business consisting of ten or a hundred individuals. If they don’t have the tools they need to effectively exchange data, collaborate, and assign work to one another, your business is missing out on an opportunity to boost productivity. Creating a better-connected workplace starts with relying on collaboration tools and project management software that makes all of these efforts significantly simpler and easier to monitor.

This single decision allows you to build digital teams that can successfully collaborate remotely, as well as at the office. The data that comes out of these software tools can be used to find productivity leaks, the times when your teams are idle, and gaps in efficiency you can fix with an improved strategic approach. All in all, it fuels your performance analysis, your work output, and removes any communication troubles you might have had in the past.


No matter how successful your business may be, increasing productivity among your employees and your overall operations can only help you grow even further. Use these tips to find the most optimal tech solutions for your own business, and you’ll provide your teams and your brand the much-needed opportunity to progress.

About the Author:

Elaine Bennett is an Australian-based digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. Besides that, she’s a regular contributor for Bizzmark Blog and writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more people and help them on their business journey.

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