How to Build a Strong Brand for Your Digital Business

How to Build a Strong Brand for Your Digital Business

Nowadays every business needs to think about creating a bigger and better digital footprint in order to stay relevant, and this applies to digital businesses to an even greater extent. Maintaining a strong online presence and building a powerful brand can make the world of difference for the success of your business because let’s face it, everything you do or say on the internet is a reflection of your brand, and it’s essential to make it look presentable. We shouldn’t forget that today the majority of consumers conduct online research before they make their purchasing decision, so the lack of proper branding might be a real deal-breaker.

Know your audience

No matter how many times this phrase has been repeated, it’s so crucial to the development of every facet of a business that it has to be emphasized all over again. So, before you even start building your brand, you have to identify your target audience and understand them in order to be able to craft a powerful brand identity which will reflect the core values of your business and align it with your potential customers’ own. The first step towards this goal is defining your buyer personas. Stats say that 93% of companies which exceed their lead and revenue goals report segmenting their customer database by persona. After you’ve established who your target customers are, you can create your brand persona and attribute it a set of human characteristics to which they can relate. This will help you communicate your brand message effectively and make it resonate with your audience.

Strive to be unique

In order to stand out and get noticed in the sea of different brands, you need to be unique and memorable. Since the first impressions are the most lasting, the design of your brand has to be top notch if you want to capture your audience’s attention. As superficial as it may sound, the first impressions are 94% design related, which means that it’s the visual appeal of your brand that plays an important role. Your website and blog design must be impeccable and consistent as that builds trust and convinces visitors to stick around and browse for a while. It’s true that a logo isn’t a brand, but it can significantly increase your brand recognition and awareness, so make sure to have it properly designed. Finally, it’s a good idea to have a catchy and relevant tagline which will condense what your brand is really about and help your audience make associations with your company. We all think of Nike when we hear “Just Do It”, while “I’m Lovin’ It” immediately makes us crave for a juicy McDonald’s cheeseburger, so take a cue from the most creative brands on the market.

Be social

As a large portion of branding efforts boils down to communicating with your customers and doing it effectively, it’s essential to identify your audience’s preferred channels of communication and start using them proactively. Social media allows you to expand your reach tremendously and get in touch with many potential customers. Find your brand voice and be consistent about it. Your every social media post should be created bearing this in mind as otherwise, you’ll confuse your audience. A stunning 71% of customers have unfollowed brands because they were embarrassed by their ridiculous messaging and they didn’t want to be associated with such brands. So, ensure that your posts are in line with the core values of your brand and share only relevant and useful information. However, even big brands have had their fair share of social media mistakes which cost them a large chunk of their following. For example, American Apparel appalled their followers not just once, but twice! The company first issued their insensitive “Hurricane Sandy Sale” ad back in 2012 and angered the public. Just 2 years later, in 2014, their 4th of July promotion went awry when they used an image depicting the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster believing that it was fireworks. Needless to say, both of these faux pas crumbled their brand image.

Leverage WOM

Customer reviews can significantly boost the credibility of your brand. Social proof is an extremely potent psychological phenomenon, and according to the latest surveys, 83% of consumers are more likely to trust their peers than advertising. In order to influence the word-of-mouth marketing, use testimonials and encourage your existing customers to leave comments on your website. Of course, for this strategy to work, this feedback needs to be authentic and genuine because it’s very easy to spot fake reviews. Also, monitor social media mentions of your brand and keep and keep an eye on review websites where people rate their brand experiences. If you want to present your brand in the best light, it’s important to have superb customer support which will address every complaint or issue. This way you will create a positive brand experience and strengthen your brand image. Even negative feedback can work for you if you handle it in a professional and timely manner.

Building a strong brand is a comprehensive process and it should include activities on all marketing fronts.

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