DOWNLOAD: Think Like a Cybercriminal _SolarWinds

DOWNLOAD: Think Like a Cybercriminal _SolarWinds

Cybercriminals are a diverse lot, yet you can spot some patterns and motives across the group. For victims, be they businesses or individuals, the outcome of an encounter can usually be quantified—some sort of loss has occurred. From here, you can start to understand the cybercriminal’s motives.

The degree of loss can suggest the motive and operating capability of the cybercriminal, but the type of attack must also be considered. You can identify the operating capabilities of cybercriminals fairly easily—you simply need to answer the question, “How did the crime occur?” This information is readily available from security research firms—in some cases provided with excruciating technical detail—and the court documents from cybercriminals who have been brought to justice or indicted. But this is only half of the information we need to “think like a cybercriminal.” The other piece of information is far more elusive—motivation…

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