Need For Artificial Intelligence in Education -Sahil

Need For Artificial Intelligence in Education -Sahil

Need For Artificial Intelligence in Education

People all around the world tend to believe that Artificial Intelligence can be beneficial for us in many ways but still it is not being utilized to it’s full potential. One major reason for this is that we are resistant to this change and still aren’t ready to accept AI in our everyday lives.
One major field which can benefit hugely from AI is ‘Education’.

Whenever I tell people, AI can help us improve our education systems, people generally oppose me saying that a computer can not replace human teachers and this is where they go wrong. As I have stated in my previous article, the aim of AI is not to replace humans but to help and empower humans.

What we need to understand is that AI is not science fiction, it’s reality. It is a technology that is growing at an astonishing rate and we should make full use of the advantages it offers to us. I completely agree with the fact that AI can’t replace human teachers but it can definitely assist them and improve their effectiveness. AI can be used to easily automate administrative tasks like grading tests and measuring student responses which take up a lot of time of teachers and this time can be utilized in something that is more productive. Machines are now completely capable of performing this task with accuracy and as we progress, machines will also be able to perform more detailed and personalized tasks like evaluating essays.

One special task that AI can perform is that it can help teachers graphically analyze the progress of students in various subjects and can also help in devising study plans specific to the need of every student in very less time. Machine Learning algorithms can be implemented to help teachers understand how a particular student responds to a teaching method. This can completely revolutionize the teacher-student relationships in our school and also bridge the gap that exists between teachers and students because not all students can connect with the teacher at once. This method can also help create personalized content for all students and would result in an overall improvement in the progress shown by students.

AI can also help create personal mentors for every student and can present the problems of a student to the teacher because students, sometimes, are afraid of receiving critical feedback in front of their peers. This bridges the gap between students and teachers that tends to exist in schools all around the globe.

Educators all around the world have fears about instituting large systemic changes, and sometimes those fears are well grounded. However, we cannot afford to ignore the possibilities that AI offers us for dramatically improving the student learning experience. People need to understand the role of AI in improving the face of education in the years to come and the resistance faced by this new technology has to decrease because AI can not only help the teachers be more productive, but also make them more responsive towards the needs of the students.

About the Author
I’m Sahil Chaudhary, a 17 year old from Kanpur, India.
I have been developing mobile apps and websites since the last three years and also I have been working actively in fields of AI, IoT and Cyber Security. Since the beginning, I had the urge to share whatever knowledge I had with other people and connect to new people. i am currently a Guest Blogger for Nexxy Technologies Blog. you can shoot me a direct mail HERE

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