March 16, 2018

Nigerian Federal Government Websites Inactive Despite Gulping N20BN- DailyTrust

Many federal ministries and agencies (MDAs) lack active websites despite spending billions of naira on information technology last year. Daily Trust investigations show that two key agencies under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology are absent online. One of them is the National Space Research Development Agency (NASDRA), which is responsible for Nigeria’s space programme and policy development of space science and technology. Another key agency absent online is

How to Avoid Home Automation Hackers

Home automation tools can lower your utility bills and make day to day activities more convenient. However, there are reasons to fear that they can endanger your privacy and even your safety. The device that handily locks your doors remotely when you forget can also be used to unlock them. A gadget with a camera can give unsavoury strangers information about when you are home. An item that stores your credit