DOWNLOAD: The 7 Types of Highly Effective Hackers

DOWNLOAD: The 7 Types of Highly Effective Hackers

Digital Transformation: is impacting every aspect of business—shaping growth, transforming products, optimizing operations, and empowering employees. But with these extraordinary opportunities comes many questions about how IT leadership can effectively evolve their organizations, while still securing their data against the threat of increasingly severe cyberattacks. THE THREAT LANDSCAPE. The rapidly dissolving IT perimeter has created new targets for hackers. And hackers are becoming much more skilled and organized. As a result, there’s been an unprecedented rise in the number, sophistication, severity, and financial impact of different attack vectors around the world. Threats now range from troublemaking teenagers hacking alone on their laptops for bragging rights, to highly organized criminal collectives with the power to threaten national and international security.

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