May 24, 2017

How Encrypted WhatsApp Messages Can Be Penetrated By Mobile Technology

Security issues have recently spurred talks about encryption. Encryption techniques in smartphones have been a tantalizing topic for researchers and web developers. It is a technology that prevents sensitive mobile data from being compromised, whenever there is unauthorized access of any tech gadget. WhatsApp, the world’s largest instant messaging service, now offers end-to-end encryption by default at all times to over one billion of its users across the globe. This

How to Recover Deleted Data from Hard Drives

A hard disk is one the most important part of our computer. All important files including users data like photos, videos, documents, Presentation ppt files, Excel files, pdf, folders, emails, programs data, etc are all stored on computer hard drive. If something wrong happens with the hard disk, it becomes a big problem.   In this article, I will be talking about the common cause that affects hard drives and what