November 2016

What is “Penetration Testing or Pentesting?”

Far more exciting than the ballpoint variety, modern pentesting encompasses an extremely wide range of operations by a single person or team to do one thing: break in. This may include security audits, analysis, discussions, scans, stealth attacks, phishing or even physically sneaking around and plugging into networks. While the need for security testing is nothing new, pen testing has seen a large growth in recent years as product or application developers, CEOs and administrators want

BlackFridays: Protect Your BlackFriday Shopping

Its called #BlackFridays Thats the Season! We’ve reached the part of the year where we look forward to joining friends and family for holiday celebrations, followed by looking back at the year that was. Black Friday is right around the corner, which is great for those of you courageous enough to manage the crowds and traffic. For those of us that prefer to shop from the comfort of our own

Why Cybercriminals Are After Your Identity

Why Cybercriminals Are After Your Identity It’s becoming a common headline: “Criminals steal (insert alarming number here) personal records from (insert major organization here)”. We hear about it over and over again. In fact, it’s so common that the market for personal information is collapsing due to the abundance a healthcare records for sale on the dark web. Clearly, our personally identifiable information, known as PII, is the top target for cybercriminals. In fact, according

10 Non-technical Tips to Enhance Your Cybersecurity

10 Nontechnical Tips to Enhance Your Cybersecurity The main thing about cybersecurity that we’ve always preached is that it doesn’t have to be difficult. We know there are a lot of people out there that are technically challenged and easily discouraged in this world of connectivity. There’s nothing wrong with that. We’re not here to judge. But we are here to educate. Enhancing your security and protecting your sensitive data

Half The World’s Mobile Device Users Now ‘Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks’

About half of world’s mobile devices are now vulnerable to cyber attacks and malicious threats resulting from inadequate protection by users. Another insight gleaned by the report is that 88 percent of Internet device users tend to protect their computers (laptops and desktops) more than their mobile devices, while 57 percent protect their tablets more than their smartphones. The revelation comes from recent finding by Kaspersky Lab which underscore the