Technology Gives You Freedom

Technology Gives You Freedom

If it weren’t for technology we would still be living in small clustered mud hut dwellings where dragons live over the next hill. We would only have the knowledge of what our direct ancestors pass down through their children and we would only know information of our surroundings as far as we can walk.

We would most probably not even know if there are other people living close by if it weren’t for travelers who would walk around and tell of what they had seen. As these travelling people would be the only source of news we would believe everything they said, no matter how fantastic. So we would believe in and fear the dragons, giants, dwarves and fairies even though we ourselves had never seen any evidence of such and only had the word of someone who makes a living by their words (hmmm, sounds like today’s politicians).

In short the world would be a small endless flat place which is bordered by surrounding mountains. Who knows what would be beyond those mountains, perhaps the end of the world. Perhaps the world consists only of what we could see or walk to.

Then along came technology. With this technology came freedom. We gained the freedom to move further. We gained the freedom to see more, experience more and learn more. We gained the knowledge of other people, other cultures and other ancestral wisdom passed down through other ages.

With technology we gained strength, speed and sight. The strength to do more with less and achieve feats our puny muscles couldn’t do. The speed to go further and faster than ever before. Shrinking the world into an ever smaller and smaller globe. The sight to look further into the possible future and realise that dragons, giants, dwarves and fairies may not be what they seem to be.

Due to technology we become less reliant on those travelling talkers and could see with our own electronic eyes the trials and tribulations, the drama’s and disasters of other people anywhere in the world. Due to technology we could actually go to where those people are and share in their lives and culture.

Yes, with technology we gained freedom, the freedom to be able to do so much more with our short lives that we could never dream of less than a couple of hundred years ago. Heck, the freedom of technology has even enabled us to live longer.

So you can see that this is why I love technology as I want and I like my freedom. Just think to yourself. If you no longer had the technology that currently sustains you then how would your life be? Tell us your chilling thoughts in the comments below.

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