October 19, 2016

Don’t Let Yourself Get Kidnapped Online

Cyber-crime rates are at an all-time high in Nigeria and world over. Our threat landscape continues to expand. One of the reasons is probably the same as that for the high incidence of traffic accidents on our roads i.e. the widespread belief that- ‘it can’t happen to me’. There is no doubt that awareness levels are extremely low concerning cybercrime but not so much amongst those who are more at

VISA Nigeria hosts Tech Bloggers Event On Card Security

Global electronic payment company, Visa  recently organized and hosted technology correspondents and bloggers in Lagos. The event was held to help educate and engage tech bloggers on Visa’s role in promoting secure electronic payments. The forum featured an informative two hour session with Visa Country Manager Ade Ashaye as he provided insight into the evolution, benefit and potential future of the Nigerian financial cards industry. Speaking at the event, Country