50 Percent Mobile Consumers ‘Prefer Their Device Nearby’ _Research

50 Percent Mobile Consumers ‘Prefer Their Device Nearby’ _Research

Researches have shown that 53% of mobile consumers around the world say they feel anxious when their mobile devices are not close at hand, a report by Nielsen, a global information and measurement company has revealed.

According to the report on consumers  behavioral pattern on mobile shopping, banking and payment,  two-thirds (56%) can’t imagine life without mobile devices, and 70% say their mobile device makes their life better.

The Nielsen report further states that two-thirds of  30,000 global respondents agree that face-to-face interactions are being replaced with electronic ones, but that might not be a problem as almost half (47%) say they prefer texting to talking anyway.

The report says that while mobile has transformed the way we communicate and stay connected with each other, it has also revolutionized the world of retail and banking as it is providing financial inclusion to the estimated 2 billion “unbanked” consumers around the world.

in access to cashless payments is estimated to lead to $10 trillion in additional consumer spending over the next decade, according to The Demand Institute, jointly operated by Nielsen and The Conference Board.

Stuart Tagg, Financial Services Leader, Nielsen Europe says, “Mobile commerce has enormous implications for the entire retail ecosystem. Mobile devices are not only bringing new consumers into the modern, connected economy, but they are enabling a more customized experience, as products and services can be more closely tailored to behaviors, needs and preferences.

But driving higher adoption and usage starts with a deep understanding of how consumers are shopping and transacting in a digital world and then use that understanding to design strategies around their habits and preferences.”

According to the company the  Survey was conducted March 1–23, 2016, and polled more than 30,000 online respondents in 63 countries throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East/Africa and North America to understand how mobile devices are influencing three distinct yet interconnected activities: shopping, banking and payments.
Guest Blogger: Donatus Anichukwueze

Technology Journalist
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  1. true talk! for me, i rather miss my babe than my phone… lolz


  2. its nonnegotiable tho… mobile devices are our closest pals… mostly for the young at heart.


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