October 2016

Cyber Forensic Investigation: Do It Yourself Here

A Forensic Investigation helps the organisation collecting and analyzing the data as evidence. The data collected by forensic investigation can be used as a proof in a court. Because of this, data must be protected in a safe way and needs to be prevented  from modification. What do you mean by forensic investigation? Forensic investigation means to analyse the data from the computer and collect it as a proof if

Is Your Company Data Stiffing Progress?

No matter what industry you’re in, data is essential to what you do. According to Forbes, the average company spent $7.4 million on data-related initiatives in 2015 , with 80 percent of enterprises and 63 percent of small and mid-sized businesses making an investment. But it’s important to realize that data only adds value when it’s properly collected, organized, and analyzed. And when it doesn’t meet those standards, it can actually

Technology Gives You Freedom

If it weren’t for technology we would still be living in small clustered mud hut dwellings where dragons live over the next hill. We would only have the knowledge of what our direct ancestors pass down through their children and we would only know information of our surroundings as far as we can walk. We would most probably not even know if there are other people living close by if

SECURITY & TRUST... Which One Would You Rather Go For?

There are some people in this world that I trust, and then there are all the others. For instance, I trust our neighbours with a key to our house so they can come in and water the plants while we’re away, and of course we do the same for them. We’ve known them a long time and they’re the same kind of people as us. More specifically, since we wouldn’t

The Transformation of IT in the Healthcare Sector

  Advances in technology affect almost all the sectors of the modern society. The reality is that there is no sector of the economy that hasn’t been affected by the advances in technology. However, of all the fields, the healthcare sector seems to be the one that has been affected the most by IT changes. It is estimated that by 2050, technology will be handing over 80 percent of what