How To Recover Your Deleted Data!

How To Recover Your Deleted Data!

Hey guys, welcome to our another tutorial for recovering data which is lost or deleted from your pen drive.
We often come across this problem when we have lost a very important data due to a virus or deleted some files accidentally.let’s see how to recover that data like a professional.

There are various tools to recover lost data. but I find photorec very useful for recovering most of the data.

Step 1:
Insert you pen drive/storage device and remember its drive letter.

Step 2:
Download photorec from this link:

TestDisk is another recovery tool to recover whole partitions. photorec is bundled together with order to recover some important files we will concentrate on photorec for windows.

Step 3:
Extract the zip file and open photorec_win.exe in testdisk folder.
Before running this program,make sure that your pen drive or storage device is connected.

how to recover data from pen drive cyber world mirror

Step 4:
Use up/down arrow keys and select your storage media ,from which you are trying to recover deleted data.while performing this step you have to be careful as you may end up recovering from a different partition and may waste a lot of time for recovery of the files that you wouldn’t want.
If you are trying to recover deleted files from your hard disk, select a partition of your hard disk.

Step 5:
Select your partition type .you can also choose file type you want to recover using file opt option

select [Quit] to go to main menu.

select [Search] to search for recoverable files from selected storage device.

Step 6:
select file system can verify your storage device’s file system in its ‘properties’

Step 7:
select [Other] to search from FAT32 file system.

file system select -how to recover data from pen drive


Step 8:
select [Whole] to extract files from whole partition

how to recover data from pen drive -whole partition cyber world mirror


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Step 9:
Use left/right arrow keys to change current directory and choose your desired destination to extract recovered files.
Press C when destination is selected.make sure that the destination drive has enough space to store recovered files.

select destination -how to recover data from pen drive


you will see the files being recovered categorized with their file types.

recovery process -how to recover data from pen drive

You will be able to recover almost every file that is in a good condition.


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