Russia and China vow not to HACK each other!

Russia and China vow not to HACK each other!

Another chapter in Russia and China friendship with a cyber security pact.A 12 page agreement written in Russian and  as reported in ‘the wall street journal’.

The two countries mutually promised to interchange information between law enforcement agencies, exchange technologies to ensure security of information infrastructure, the document says.


Recently china accepted that it does have a cyber army.and not that cyber army will not be used against Russia.According to the deal,both the countries agreed to exchange information, law enforcement and technology resources to strengthen themselves against any attack that may attempt to “destabilize the internal political and socio-economic atmosphere,” “disturb public order” or “interfere with the internal affairs of the state”.


Russia-China Cyber Alliance


May be, for hackers, it may be a better idea to use Russian proxies if china is their enemy.The treaty will enhance both the super powers in terms of cyber security for sure as they may spend less time and resources to defend them selves from each other!

Here’s the link of the original report (in Russian).
original document

“For Russia the agreement with China to cooperate on cyber security is an important step in terms of pivoting to the East,” said Oleg Demidov, a cyber-security consultant at the PIR Center, an independent think tank focusing on international security. “The level of cooperation between Russian and China will set a precedent for two global cyber security powers,” Mr. Demidov said.


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