78% of all mobile network infections targets Android smartphones - Nokia

78% of all mobile network infections targets Android smartphones – Nokia A Nokia Threat Intelligence Report has revealed that Android smartphones have become the target malware infections, as they account for 78 percent of all mobile network infections around the world. “Today attackers are targeting a broader range of applications and platforms, including popular mobile games and new IoT devices, and developing more sophisticated and destructive forms of malware” The Provides Free Internet Access For Corps Members In Lagos & Abuja Camps

Wow! That was the word that jumped out of my mouth when this news caught my notice. Some say ‘what could be sweeter than honey’? I say ‘what could be more fulfilling than having free WiFi’? Free internet Access I’m sure the corps members in Lagos and abuja are currently asking this same questions as has decided to butter their bread – the tech inclined ones though – with

EXPOSED: Why We Proposed and Reversed Plans to Hike Data Tariffs in Nigeria- NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission on Wednesday announced the immediate suspension of the new minimum pricing template for data services by mobile operators in the country. The director, Public Affairs at the NCC, Tony Ojobo, said the decision to rescind its earlier directive to telecom operators to commence charging the new floor price rate for data from December 1, was to allow for further consultation with industry interest groups. “Following concerns that

Half The World’s Mobile Device Users Now ‘Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks’

About half of world’s mobile devices are now vulnerable to cyber attacks and malicious threats resulting from inadequate protection by users. Another insight gleaned by the report is that 88 percent of Internet device users tend to protect their computers (laptops and desktops) more than their mobile devices, while 57 percent protect their tablets more than their smartphones. The revelation comes from recent finding by Kaspersky Lab which underscore the