eCommerce Businesses Are Taking Advantage of the Latest Tech Trends

The expectations of modern customers are rapidly changing. With new technology emerging, 2017 has been a great year in the e-commerce industry. According to statistics, over 55% of e-commerce sales come from Amazon, eBay, and Etsy as the most common online destinations. Staying on top of the trends will help place you ahead of the competition and build your business. For instance, Amazon tools allow you to track competition and monitor feedback from

How AI is Transforming Digital Marketing Today

Nils J. Nilsson, in defining artificial intelligence, states that artificial intelligence is the “activity devoted to making machines intelligent.” As a founding father in the field of artificial intelligence, Nilsson sought out to create artificial intelligence to enable entity functionality with the foresight of its environment. The ultimate goal of AI is to automate certain workflows and reduce manual effort. This, in turn, will lead to more efficient businesses and

Avoiding Pitfalls of Online Shopping

Millions of us purchase something over the internet every day. Rather it’s bulk toilet paper from Amazon, a new dress from Etsy, or dinner off of Postmates, no body can deny the tempting convenience of online shopping. But like with anything that involves the internet and your credit card information, there are pitfalls. Luckily, they are easily avoided if you’re a smart shopper! These 10 tips will help you and

3 Reliable Ways to Improve Your Online Privacy

Some people might hear or read the word “cybersecurity” and conjure up images of difficult protocols and tasks which will keep them anonymized while they access resources on the web. While there are advanced elements of cybersecurity you can explore, the reality is that a lot of simple cybersecurity tips are mostly common sense. You’ll likely hear all kinds of breaking news announcements about corporate cyberattacks and data breaches fairly

3 Ways IoT Technology Will Change The Future Of Marketing

No matter what industry you are in or the market you serve, your company depends on accurate data about your customers to make profitable business decisions. This is true for product development and customer service, but it is also vital for marketing professionals. Marketers are always working to push the envelope to develop focused marketing messages to meet the needs of their audience. Marketers and business owners alike are rethinking

Has your Credit Card Been Shopping Without your Permission Lately?

If you get a call from the security department of your credit card company asking whether you are in an exotic location buying expensive gifts right now, it will come as a shock when you haven’t even left home, but that is the sort of scenario that can often play out when someone steals your identity and starts spending and borrowing on your behalf. It is often the case you