Preventing Intellectual Property Theft

It would be hard to find a company today that has not wound its way through the digital transformation to some extent. And whether its final product is in the form of software coding or scientific formulas, the increasing digitization of sensitive information puts intellectual property at risk of theft. As all aspects of life move tighter into the electronic embrace, the challenge for businesses and their intellectual property is keeping

Smart Cities and Driverless Cars: The Road to Cybersecurity in 2018 and Beyond

In 1956, General Motors released a concept car called Firebird II. Its bold, futuristic, and practical style perfectly reflected its many progressive features. The exterior bodywork was 100% titanium, it had a 200hp output, it was the first car that used disc brakes on four wheels, and most importantly it was equipped with a sophisticated guidance system designed to interface with the highway of the future, where electrical wires in roads

Backups Are Essential In The Fight Against Ransomware

Following the recent spate of ransomware attacks on businesses and government agencies across the world, the security press has largely focused on patching and updates as the key to protection against ransomware and malware in general. Thorough patch-management policies are an essential part of doing business online, but the push to patch ignores the fact that many enterprise organizations are not in a position to apply patches as soon as

Think Solutions To Global Problems- Ononobi

Simeon Ononobi, Nigerian tech entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of MyAds, has urged startups in Nigeria to start focusing on solving global problems instead of just thinking locally. According to him, this is the best way for the country to have startups that would grow to become unicorn companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter. ‎ While noting that the startup ecosystem in Nigeria has grown over the years, and there are several

The Nigerian Cybercrime Act: Legal practitioner highlights critical issues that need to be addressed

The Nigerian Cybercrime Act: Legal Practitioner highlights critical issues that need to be addressed Barrister Kunle Adegoke, a legal practitioner and partner with M.A. Banire & Co. has highlighted some critical issues on the Nigerian Cybercrime Act 2015 which need to addressed by the Nigerian legislative body. While speaking at the National Cyber Security Awareness Month Conference (NASCAM), Adegoke said one of the critical point for consideration in the Nigerian

How To Secure Your Wifi Router

How to Secure Your Wifi Router- #CyberWednesday Hello, friends! Greetings for the day. As we have been talking about pushing up digital security in our previous articles, today we will be continuing the genre by taking up ‘Steps to Secure Your Wifi Router‘ or ‘Securing Your home/office Wireless Network ‘ for today’s topic. We are currently living in an era where WiFi networks are being used extensively to connect to the