July 2017

3 Reliable Ways to Improve Your Online Privacy

Some people might hear or read the word “cybersecurity” and conjure up images of difficult protocols and tasks which will keep them anonymized while they access resources on the web. While there are advanced elements of cybersecurity you can explore, the reality is that a lot of simple cybersecurity tips are mostly common sense. You’ll likely hear all kinds of breaking news announcements about corporate cyberattacks and data breaches fairly

3 Ways IoT Technology Will Change The Future Of Marketing

No matter what industry you are in or the market you serve, your company depends on accurate data about your customers to make profitable business decisions. This is true for product development and customer service, but it is also vital for marketing professionals. Marketers are always working to push the envelope to develop focused marketing messages to meet the needs of their audience. Marketers and business owners alike are rethinking

How To: Reset Your Windows Admin Login Password

Hi guys, Now I am going to tell you how to reset Windows local administrator password. We can reset it by Two methods. These two methods will work for all version of Windows OS like Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10. 1. By Command Prompt Note: Most computers do not have administrator passwords by default when you open it in safe mode. This method will not work if it’ll ask you administrator password during

Hackers are using hotel Wi-Fi to spy on guests, steal data

An advanced hacking and cyberespionage campaign against high-value targets has returned. The so-called ‘DarkHotel’ group has been active for over a decade, with a signature brand of cybercrime that targets business travellers with malware attacks, using the Wi-Fi in luxury hotels across the globe. Hotel Wi-Fi hotspots are compromised in order to help deliver the payload to the selected pool of victims. The exact methods of compromise remain uncertain, but cybersecurity

Does Your Site Really Need HTTPS?

Does Your Site Really Need HTTPS? HTTPS adoption has more than tripled over the last year. The message about the value of SSL-encrypted connections is being heard loud and clear. However, that increase was from the startling low figure of 2.9 percent adoption. We’ve a way to go yet. At the time of writing, HTTPS adoption stands at 9.6 percent. If the trend continues, which is by no means certain,