Securing All Your Social Media Accounts

Securing All Your Social Media Accounts

Social media: growth is vast, and its power is unstoppable for the time being. For most people, social media has become a part of their daily life and a place where they can boost their confidence or gain new friends by sharing their accomplishments, adventures, experiences or just any of their unforgettable moments. Almost all today has their own social media account, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail and such, we all love to be part of the trend.

We are ought to provide some of our basic information during signup and used to communicate, post and share our personal photos, locations we’re currently into, and the activities we love to do. Yes, we enjoy browsing and being a part of a specific social media but are we completely sure that our accounts are safe and secure from misuse by others? Are we even aware that we can be accessed by hackers or other surveillance?

If not yet, why don’t you continue reading? You’ll sure learn a lot from this article.

Here are some tips on how to secure your social media accounts:

Have a very strong password

If you want to have a very secure social media account, you should have a very tricky password so that it will take a lot of time for them to crack it. You can put numbers, special characters or combination of upper and lower cases.

Choose the friend request

The Internet is like an access to the world. There are a lot of accounts from all over the world that might add you. Pick the person you only know, and ask them personally if that is their personal data account or not. There also some posers who copied the picture and the name of a person.



Always be alert on every post and location you share on social media. There are some people around the big world of the social networking site may know that you are away and you are not at home. Better do not indicate on your social media post that you are off somewhere.


Remove the application that is not needed

If you are not a specific application now, remove or uninstall it now. Even if you are not using it, they still have the access to every personal data you put in there. Also, always check the apps that use your personal data.


Use a security software

There are a lot of free security software on the internet. You can use an anti-virus software to protect your mobile or computer on everything you download on the internet. There is VPN also that can let you access a geo-restricted site with a secure data connection.


Use a multi-factor authentication

Nowadays, when you sign on a social media site, they are requiring you to give them not only you email address but together with your mobile phone too. The purpose of this is to have the more authentication from your other account to make sure it securely your account.


Everything you post and received on the social networking site is in the big world of internet, where everyone can view, like, tweet and share it to more people. If you want your social media to account more secure, especially when you are sending private transaction, use the best VPN that can secure and protect your internet data away from the hackers and identity thieves.

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